Tips for choosing the best houseplants

a a feeling of relaxation provided by plants inside the house it is inscribed. There are many varieties, each with its own pile. Not only will the pleasant scent of orchids or peace lilies, the green of the ribbon or porcelain flower and the beautiful colors of African violets will uplift your spirits, but it will also add a fresh and natural touch to your home.

If you evaluate its various advantages, you will see that they are worth integrating into your environment. Plants purify the environment, balance and humidify the air, improve mood, promote breathing, absorb harmful gases, reduce static electricity, relieve stress, and increase human performance and focus.

In addition, a decorative value is very important. So much so that many design companies have new ways of incorporating them into furniture. Glass tables on pots, chairs with vines on their legs, and shelves with grass paths, appear in countless magazines as part of a decorating project that values ​​vegetation. The artists focused above all on creating practical, functional and beautiful objects under the concept of environmental protection that many use for what is called “living furniture”.

How to choose houseplants?

If you want to get involved in the trend of flower decoration, there are some aspects that you need to consider, but one of the most important is the type of plant you will be using, since their attention depends on it. Some require natural lighting, ventilation, pruning and watering, but others are less demanding in their maintenance, so the time you can devote to them is another factor in making the right choice. It will be useless to fill your house with bushes, if they look tormented and sad. Well, there are ferns, cacti, palm trees, bamboo, jade trees, elephant’s feet, cheflera, and aloe vera, but there are many more. If you are passionate about flowers, you may want to consider begonias, bromeliads, anthuriums, kalanchoes, and amaryllis. In fact, the options are many.

Think carefully about where you will give it. While any corner would love to host a beautiful plant, hallways, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are the best places for them. As beautiful as they may seem rooms are not ideal places, because at night they tend to consume oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. They are best placed on the dining table, next to the living room sofa, under the stairs, on the counter, sink, window, on a shelf, as a room divider, but never in your room.

It’s a striking idea arrangement of panels on the wall covered with climbing species. If you turn on lights or illuminate with lamps, you will see that the result is charming. Make sure the wall paint is white, and if desired, combine it with wood. I promise you that many will appreciate this initiative.

Content trends

a exotic plants, with fine stems and no flowersThey look great in marble pots, with lots of white pebbles on the ground. These types of plants are great for planting in bathrooms.

Keep in mind that the a vessel of your choice will add to the beauty native plant. It’s square, round, long, cylindrical … with different textures and tones. You need to choose it depending on the style of manicure and the size of the plant. Mixing glass vases of different designs and heights together is one way to energize the setting, especially if you have them on top of a vintage chest. Bet on white flowers like freesias, gladioli, calla lilies, and lilies, and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

There is a trend right now bulbs placed in water and glass containers transparent or greyish, with a narrow mouth. They are simple, but very attractive. Put them in your living room and check their day to day growth.

What is the best houseplant?

If you don’t have enough light, ivy can be wonderful. Spray it from time to time and you will enjoy its splendor for a long time. a Adam’s rib is a fairly suitable alternative indoors, since he doesn’t need to worry about it any more. In addition, the shape of its leaves, wide and divided, is strange to see.

With the The tongue or sword of Saint George’s mother-in-law will give you more than sure, because it is one of the most resistant plants. For her, it is not known if it is in the shade, in full sun or in very dry environments. It adapts to almost any environment. They say even the less you pay attention.

For best portals and corridors you buy aspidistra. Even in the darkest areas, it will grow and not be affected if you go five days without watering it. She’s a hell of a heroine.

If you like the do not hesitate to choose dracaena. Due to its long and narrow leaves, green in color and reddish edges, it is in great demand, but also for its ability to remove toxins from the air and settle in low light areas.

There are so many choices that it would take a lot of texts like this to describe them all. The main thing here is that you motivate yourself to decorate with houseplants. Its calm and serenity will seduce you. Its various advantages will convince you. There is no doubt.