adopt a pet

Are youYou are considering adopting a pet? A pet in the home always shows responsibility because it is life and needs. You have to wash it, take care of it, walk on it and feed it and if it flies, be patient with its antics. But having a home pet will bring you benefits that you don’t know and are unlikely to discover until you have one in your own home.

At Vivir Hogar we talk from time to time about the care that pets need, but today we want to make a kind of call about adopt a pet. Christmas is a great time to do it. Animal shelters are really soggy around this time, and nothing less, abandoned by Christmas. While it may sound incredible, togetherness and love doesn’t seem to be what every family leads by example. But others can take the lead and give these animals a good signal that they’re going to be ready to love you so much.

If you are one of those who are considering having an early pet adoption, besides giving you advice at centers and shelters where they give a lot of information to make sure adoptions last forever, I recommend you to watch all benefits of having a pet, like a dog, at home. They are numerous and not always known. Want to know all its benefits?

The benefits of having a pet at home

  1. Pet owners are less vulnerable to home theft or walking because their pet will protect them first and foremost.
  2. Contact with animals develops responsible behaviors that increase over time.
  3. People with pets have a lower incidence of low blood pressure.
  4. You will be blessed as a queen every time you come home, even if you only go out to buy bread.
  5. You will never lack affection, your pet will take care of it.
  6. Dogs are happy when their loved ones are happy.
  7. They will never judge you, they will only love you.
  8. They will be sorry if you are sad.
  9. His loyalty will last until the end of his days.
  10. Pet owners usually don’t have cholesterol issues.
  11. They know how to provoke you when you are sad.
  12. A pet company helps you cope better with life’s challenges.
  13. Pet owners are in better physical shape and that’s because of the daily walks they take with their pets.
  14. Pets help to eliminate feelings of loneliness.
  15. Pet owners tend to have better psychological health.
  16. Animals help to eliminate daily stress.

The pedigree in dogs

Since it is about adopting a pet and never buying it, I will take advantage of this space, before closing this article on all the advantages of having a pet at home to be explained under the pedigree. In any case, they are thoroughbred dogs and cats, which in many cases their owners usually sell for high prices. There are a lot of animals waiting for your rescue in types and shelters, and I don’t think it’s advisable to bet on a company playing with them. In fact, my advice is to adopt a pet of any breed. Corn,what does this pedigree mean?

a pedigree is the pedigree of the dog or the certificate of origin. This certificate issued by a specialized association includes the names and characteristics of the parents, grandparents and grandparents. The pedigree is the means of showing that a dog is purebred and has not been mixed with at least three other generations with other breeds. This ensures that your offspring will be pure. The pedigree has nothing to do with the health or the beauty of the dog, it only guarantees its pedigree.

One dog is no better than another, whether you have pedigrees or not. The reverse can even happen because thoroughbred dogs have more health issues. Today a lot of people commit to buy them with a pedigree, spend a lot of money and when they get tired they just ditch them anywhere. This is not fair, and if the current law penalizes those who do, there is still a lot to do in our country, which is behind the European Union in this kind of policy. Remember, adopt a dog to bring joy to your home and never give up on it. It will be a great life partner.