Find out how you can take care of your garden this season, which promises to be so gloomy and dull.

6 posts in the fall for your garden

Even if you don’t believe in the fall it might be a good time to continue to take care and pamper your garden. With some conservation work, you’ll have a great place to rest and get away from everyday chores. From pruning, which is the most common thing to do right now, to planting beautiful decorative flowers. You can do it all and add color to a sad, lifeless season in the gardens.

Work you can do in your garden

  1. Plant. While you might not believe it in the fall and winter, it can be planted as well. A large number of plants are suitable for this time of year. During this period, the trees, shrubs and plants planted take their time to adapt to new climatic conditions and prepare for the onset of winter.
  2. Clips. Of course, you have a tree that you like very much and you want to keep it for a long time. What we propose to do is cut, lay or divide the plant. This task should be done at this time as the tissues will not lose as much moisture as possible to rejuvenate the tree. Be very careful with excess moisture, this can encourage fungus to form in the tree “sore” and can damage it.
  3. Grass. Grass is very sensitive, in summer it suffers from heat and in winter too much water and cold. In autumn you must scarify and aerate, if you notice that too much felt has accumulated on the ground you must remove it. Once done, the next thing is to run a roller with spikes to pierce it, so make sure the roots are well ventilated.
  4. To pay. Remember to provide plants and grass with essential nutrients so they can grow healthy and full of life. In autumn, even if the leaves fall and everything is darker, you must continue to fertilize your garden with the recommended products.
  5. Irrigation. After the summer, you might think that the garden doesn’t need to be watered anymore, but that’s a mistake. Although the temperature has dropped and it is not so hot anymore, if it is not raining, the soil still needs water. So you have to give it to him.
  6. Pests. With the advent of autumn-winter, pests continue to multiply. Moisture facilitates propagation and continues to have a profound effect on your crops and flowers. Check that they are in good health and if not, apply the recommended treatment.

Here are 6 simple tips to keep your garden and orchard in top condition. Apply it and you will see how life is magnificent and full.

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