Discover the cleaning properties of potatoes

If you want to use chemicals, Potato It is a good choice to make, as it performs the same function of leaving your home clean, more environmentally friendly and economical.

This tuber, rather than being one of the more versatile foods and healthy for the kitchen, it also has many wonderful properties that will help us remove stains and even restore the shine to our shoes.

Here we are going to show you the tips to make the potato your best friend when cleaning your house.

Dad uses cleansers

Clean with water

You can use the water you cooked the potato in to clean your kitchen tiles and light up your sink.

You can also polish the cutlery to eat with the water you boiled the potatoes, but in this case you put the spoons, knives and forks soaked for an hour, then take them out and brush gently you start to to clean. When finished, run them under cold water and let them dry.

Defog the glass

We all hate that our mirrors fog up when cleaning with a particular product.

To improve this, you can rub half a potato on the glass and then wrap it in a damp cloth with white vinegar.

In this sense, for the glass of the lentils it is also an excellent choice: rub a piece of this tuber, then fold it with a soft cloth and you’re done. You will be able to see with total clarity, without smearing between them.

Polish for boots

The potato is effective for cleaning like a living room shoe, wipe a little potato on the surface then wipe with a clean cloth.

Clean Mover

It’s also a good grater cleaner, because when grating cheese, tomatoes or garlic, something always sticks to the surface. But if you go under a raw potato, you can remove the leftover food from it.

What is left after peeling can be used to remove soot that adheres to the walls of the oven.

To do this, you need to put the remaining skin on a tray and cook them inside so that the steam that emerges from them helps to remove the food residues that have stuck to them.

Quite a discovery, isn’t it? Apparently, potatoes will help you leave a cleansing light in your home in a natural way, without having to spend on products that are not at all environmentally friendly.