Great tips for avoiding dirt in your kitchen

The kitchen It is one of the places in the house that gets dirty the most, because the place where one of the best pleasures in life is prepared is food. From the simplest to the most complex recipes.

Therefore, we will give you good advice here, so that in as much order as possible during those hours when you are cooking for your family or friends and in as little dirt as possible.

This way you will avoid spending long hours in the kitchen cleaning even the most stubborn stains. Here are the tips:

Avoid oil stains

Although he does not like to eat fried foods, especially fried chicken rings, good fried eggs, or onion.

And to be fair, these types of simple dishes, while we enjoy them, are some of the dirtiest things, like when oil is fried splashing out of the pan, leaving little oil stains. around the edge.

To avoid this splashing, you can wrap aluminum foil around the cupboard. So when the frying is done, you can remove it and throw it away. And you will find that you don’t need to clean anything, saving you time and money.

Food waste

Some edibles like canned, frozen and dehydrated foods sometimes tend to leave stains resulting from tough coatings if not removed in time.

So, when you take any of these meals, immediately throw the file away.

How to remove stubborn stains

If there is a coffee or juice stain on the kitchen counter and you cannot remove it, dissolve a little hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of ammonia in a little water and with the help of a cloth you will start cleaning.

To polish your kitchen stainless steel countertop and remove these annoying scratches, you can use steel wool, number 000, and with a special wax for polish this material.

To clean traces of oil, water, wine, tomato sauce, among others, wipe these spots with a damp cloth. If they are oily, use a damp cloth with a small dishwasher.

Likewise, you are told that second-hand linen is a great option. This way everything does not accumulate and at the end of cooking all you have to do is wrap the kitchen with a kitchen towel, especially around the edges you used and the countertops. .