Materials for the design of garden paths

There are many options for decorating the garden. Sculptures, fountains, stones, grass, plants and much more can be combined to make it look beautiful. But without a doubt, the paths are the main resource for creating a luxury effect, not to mention its uses to protect the appearance of the surface. If you have grass, for example, you like to have a defined path to move around without risking damaging your foot.

Specify how you move around your garden and plan the route. Keep in mind which sites you need to access and design straight walkways with small curves that allow you to connect with the living spaces. Do you have a large terrace? Then choose paths 1.5 meters wide so that two people can pass at the same time. Make the path to the house stand out from the rest.

Materials to design a beautiful path in the garden

Wood healed and prepared to tolerate water and sun is ideal for trails. Under normal conditions it is tough and durable, but with this treatment future weather will not weaken it.

Previously used on railways, wooden sleepers reach out to beautifully decorate your green spaces. Do not hesitate to apply them to your areas of passage. You will find a vintage touch that your visitors will love.

Steps and grass

It allows the grass to grow as a component between the path. It combines with steps of large proportions and leaves a space between them. This green border will make the walk in the garden absolutely inviting. Note that the chosen surface is non-slip. If the material is right, it will lend itself to more than one accident. Remember that there are usually sprinklers or wet places.

Rocks and bricks

Passage areas require high resistance. Exactly like that it emphasizes bricks as a great choice for hallway design. Does it look too rusty? Personalize it with a coat of paint or wax. Use the rocks to cover the space between the bricks or the boundary. The limit is your imagination!

As for stones, nothing could be easier to find! Collect variety with different textures, proportions and shadows. Generations will pass before your garden paths are worn out. For more firmness, place them in free areas of the lawn. Leading them as a family is fun. All you have to do is cut the ground and plant them. When the silhouette convinces you, press lightly.

Pretty cobblestones

These cut stones can be rectangular or pentagonal, Outdoor courts are very popular. In the patios, they stand out for the fresh and warm touch they bring to the whole.
Its wide range of shades makes it suitable for everyone. What are you waiting for to make a path with them!

Tile or concrete

The tiles should not be inside the house exclusively. Line up a few to form the path in an easy way. If you have some work left, use them to unify styles.

If you are looking for something more traditional and simpler, you would prefer concrete pavement with suggested curves let them “walk” among your flowers. The dim lights around will give it a romantic and elegant air.

You can also try gravel. This will prevent slipping and make each step completely safe. Absoutely, paths are essential in the garden. They add comfort, improve their appearance, and help keep your plants in good condition.