Beautify your garden in autumn

The changes of seasons should not be an excuse to neglect our plants and gardens, in fact the ideal is to make the most of each season as the variations usually bring good changes to the vegetation. . For example, summer provides constant watering to keep plants hydrated, winter requires them to relax or sleep to bloom again in spring, so Fall is the perfect season to sow and it is a great opportunity to cultivate the beauty of plants, with special care.

Autumn garden

Harvesting usually begins every September, causing the plants to shed or shed their leaves. all traces of debris must be removed from our garden. In addition, it is recommended to open holes of a maximum of ten centimeters near the plant, so that the roots can breathe and regenerate. By opening up space to oxygenate your plants, you should benefit from lawn rehabilitation, this is done by removing and redistributing soil. But it’s not just about removing dried leaves and roots from the garden, fall encourages you to disinfect your shrubs, trees, grasses and roses just by pruning them.

Another variation that can be applied to your garden is mixing compost or manure into the soil already around the plant, in this way the plant can be protected from weather predation, especially since the coming winter season tends to dry out the plants. It is suggested that many people do not know that in the case of pots, these small plants should be placed on wooden bases, in this way they do not endure the cold of the winter soil and prevent the formation of fungi.

Seasonal plants

Living in a seasonal country means being aware of climate change and its effects on plants, as well as the best species that accompany them each season. The beauty of your garden depends on the commitment you give itTherefore, take one of these essential actions to take good care of it.

On these dates you can see the seeds you need in the spring., for example: tulips, daisies, scallops, daffodils, wallflowers, ornamental cabbages and pansies. Each species promises to grow, beautify your garden and fill it with color. If you want to improve your appearance, there are good gardening services like LYMS in Spain that can advise and even help your garden and those in your community.