Don’t let winds, frosts and rains discolor your decks. Choose plants that are very resistant to these climates, such as pansy, azalea or dahlias.

10 flowers that will fill your balcony with color in fall-winter

If you thought that the arrival of fall or winter would mean a mandatory break from your growing chores, you’d be wrong. Today we present to you 10 plants that can maintain the beauty and naturalness of your patio or balcony. Don’t worry about flowering, they will be radiant.

The best species for the beginning of autumn

If you are one of those who respect him the color and smell of the plants in your home, you do not have to remove it yourself. Changing the season is no obstacle to keeping your period fresh. Choose one of these species and keep enjoying it.

  • Dahlias: they look bulbous and their flowers arrive at the end of the summer season. Due to their size (40 centimeters high) they are ideal for the balcony. Crimson, pink, orange, yellow … choose your favorite tone to decorate this space.
  • Wall flowers: they differ in their rusty consistency, which makes them tolerant of fine weather. Traditionally, they simply flower, but smell great. Growers have developed hybrid breeds that have two types of flowers, but require more care.
  • Worry: its large flowers appear almost at the end of winter dates. Thanks to the crosses made by botanists, you can currently find combinations with shades ranging from orange to yellow. One of the advantages of hybrids is that they are denser and larger than the original scallops.
  • Ornamental cabbage: You can find a lot of variety in your favorite nursery. They will immediately seduce you with their twigs. In addition, its snow waves combined with green or pink will interest you.
    You will also see them tinged with purple, and they will be a spectacle for your eyes. He prefers those who seem busy, and seeks a balance of size: neither too big nor too small.
  • Meadow daisies: If you want to appreciate the abundant flowers when you look on the balcony, there is nothing like this plant. These daisies grow once a year, but their many flowers will seduce you with their snow, pink or carmine hues. Heavy rains will give it the humidity it needs. Combine them with other species on this list to enhance the visual effect.
  • Thoughts: they are characterized by their compatibility with cold and rain. Her constant bloom will make her one of my favorite things for the season. Its flowers can be large, medium or tiny, depending on the variety.

You can still have a winter of flowers!

Leave behind the idea that winter dates and flowers are incompatible. You will not be able to resist these plants. End of the year in color from the comfort of your platforms.

  • Chrysanthemums: you will find white, yellow, fuchsia flowers, wine gum and a rich variety of roses. They are resistant to the characteristic wind of this season and will make the most of the day’s sun.
  • Obconic primroses: if you like pastel or pink tones, this is the perfect plant for you. It is a species very resistant to low temperatures, and its snow color is charming.
  • Azaleas: its moderate irrigation in winter facilitates the maintenance of this plant with pink and white flowers. You can find it in a flower pot to decorate your apartment patio.
  • Alpine violets: its pink, carmine or snow colors blend best in cold water and under the winter sun.

Don’t let fall and winter chill your botanical love. Instead, make the most of it by growing this range of beautiful species that are truly festive to the eyes.

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