Futon bed designs

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Many items have been designed to decorate and furnish the bedrooms, but the bed will always be necessary. There are so many designs and styles that it can sometimes be difficult to decide, but the size of the room will provide the precise orientation. For small bedrooms, futon beds are perfect. They are functional and adapt to a variety of environments.

Futon beds are inspired by Japanese beds and are popular for their practicality. He is cotton or wool mattress, thin, about 5-7 cm, which rests on a low base, larger than this one. Its design is very clean, straight lines and neutral tones.

Features of the futon bed

The mattress on the futon bed contains straw, grain, moss or plastic granules which makes it very comfortable. It is complemented by a cry of soft bed and some very comfortable pillows. Some stores offer alternatives to a wooden or metal structure, and an easy-to-use mechanism, which allows it to be transformed into a sofa.

The advantage of this type of bed goes beyond functionality. In Japanese culture, they claim that sleeping close to the ground promotes blood circulation and prevents muscle pain as it adapts to the body’s posture. So, there is a futon bed that sits right above it. They can be collected during the day, and then extended until bedtime.

Bed or sofa bed?

Futon beds

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The choice of futon bed depends on specific requirements. The good thing about traditional is that it can be used anywhere and then collected to clean the area. The western or sofa type is kind of an atmosphere. They go very well in the living room or the office. They are simple, but decorated with cushions or textiles. The base is not movable, but it is very elegant.

It’s best to choose timeless styles that don’t go out of style so fast and in neutral tones that they are easy to combine. Now, if you feel the lack of joy in your interior, opt for floral prints or geometric figures. They are very modern.

Futon bedding

Think how useful it can be to put a futon bed at home or in your apartment. It is a very functional piece of furniture with many advantages.

  • Security. They are safe because they are almost at ground level, depending on the model. They are very suitable for children, as there is no risk of falling.
  • Economy. Depending on the brand, there are futon bed models that are cheaper than a normal bed or sofa.
  • Gilles. They are made of materials so light that they can be moved around without any problem.

Futon beds are ideal pieces for small floors, but it must have enough space to store it. Hygiene should be very strict, as cotton tends to absorb more sweat or moisture. They also need to be shaken so that the filling does not shave. Now that you know them, do you dare to buy one for your home? If in doubt, check the bed sizes available on the market.