Thinking of swimming in the pool this summer? With the onset of heat, we all begin to dream of refreshing moments like the one offered to us by the private swimming pools inside the house. However, the cost and maintenance of a swimming pool throughout the year surprises us by the interest of this one, since we only benefit from it during three or four months of heat. But what if we could integrate a solution that would allow us to enjoy the pool every day of the year?

So far we have found some useful ideas for covering the pond surface and separating it from bacteria from the outside to make cleaning and maintenance easier. But these ideas did not allow us to continue to use our pool during the fall or winter. That’s why Abrisud’s news caught my attention. The design is called “All in One Plus” and you can see it in the video, I leave you with its good installation. It is a sliding cover that allows us to protect our pool all year round; but unlike many others, this cover does not exclude the possibility of continuing to benefit from it.

This is possible because it is a glass vaulted roof. Versatile design featuring multiple lifting and stacking modules. The modules are used through support arms (manual or automatic) and can be run along the entire pool, covering from end to end. The modules are autonomous which allows us to cover the whole pool or just a part, or to leave it without full exposure sunny days to live the outdoor experience as long as possible.

Thanks to this very original system, we can protect the entire perimeter of the pool during winter, covering the entire water area with the glass cover. The fact that the cover is arched allows us to enter the pool, even when it is completely closed. by an access offered by the removable front or side hatch, as well as having an intelligent bilateral open system.

The AIO Plus cover is an improvement over the original AIO cover that’s why we get small details that make its use more comfortable and secure, such as the support points in each access module inside , for safe entry into the pool and without risks, thus avoiding any kind of accident when entering the water. Likewise, like all Abrisud firm pool covers, the AIO Plus takes into account the safety of the home and therefore it adds a kind of manual locking with a key on the side of the cover, in order to protect the little ones in the event of families with young children at home. Thanks to this system, children cannot swim alone or fall into the pool without parental or adult supervision.

If you are interested in this new cover from Abrisud Ibérica, know that it is part of its Essential collection, where you can compare the AIO Plus with other designs of the latest technology that combine perfect functionality with excellent aesthetics. Yes indeed, you will find classic, sliding, motorized or telescopic covers. All, like the AIO Plus designed to adapt to any pool configuration, you will be able to integrate them without problem in your private swimming pools, even with the possibility of installing the covers on the same coping around the swimming pool.

If you are planning to get the most out of your swimming pool, I would recommend at least checking out the official site of this interesting brand which performs very well not only in terms of design functionality but also aesthetic impact on the outdoor landscape of the House. . So the AIO Plus, it seems to me an extremely elegant solution for swimming pools, transforming the cover into another element of outdoor decoration. Thanks to this, the incorporation of the plus pool cover will provide not only safety and cleanliness in the house, but also comfort and beauty. And, of course, it should not be forgotten that such a cover allows the pool to be heated. On, its use increases the water temperature between six and eight degrees, which means that we can take a bath anytime without having a bad time or fearing the cold.

It seems to me that the best option is to take advantage of the pool, whether it is cold or hot; sun or rain … And that it must be pleasant to bathe while watching the rain fall around you? There’s something romantic about it, don’t you think?