Ecological ideas to apply to your garden

If you have land in your house and you need an ecological garden, now you need to change the chip. These respect the environment and have nothing to do with the routines we see in every park, public place or house. Give it a an eco-responsible approach to this space, will affect distribution, use of certain materials, irrigation, use of seeds, not all bales and promote biodiversity.

Everything you need to know about ecological gardens

Plant and fertilize

You have to choose the plants, they must be native and derived from organic seeds. It is better to take cuttings from nature itself or choose organic seeds. This option ensures that they have not been generously handled using artificial fertilizers, pesticides or treatments.

Each plant has its own sowing time, but the best thing to do to save water is to do it in the fall. Well, during the winter the plant will absorb water and have time to grow and flower for the next spring.

If you have to buy the land, it has to be environmentally friendly. The best with worm fumes that flows perfectly in the water. And the pots so that they can be made of natural clay. They will give your garden a more rusty touch.

The pest problem

Eliminate pests that destroy plants without using chemicals, this may not be possible. But no, our ancestors did it because we won’t be able to.

There are organic products on the market to combat parasites. But do yours many more homemade pesticides are recommended. One option is to sprinkle eggs or ash patches on the ground or create a pesticide made from vinegar, onion and garlic. This is sprayed onto the plant and protects the flowers and fruits.

Create biodiversity

Create an ecological garden with a certain ecosystem, allow insects to exert their predatory power and eliminate pests. So you achieve a balance created by nature, but you also create a place where wildlife can feel at home. will see beautiful squirrels, insects, dragonflies or small birds flow in your garden.

Animal hideout

Ponds or large stones that have been put together are perfect places for small insects to hide and shelter from predators. And if all you have to do is help the bees, find their favorite plants so they can fill your garden with life.