Trendy colors to paint the house in 2020

The color you choose to paint your home is very important to how you feel there. Besides the fashions and trends that emerge each year, you should take into account the characteristics of the house, as well as your personal preferences. For example, this 2020 is the trendy walls dark colors, like black or garnet. However, they’re not the best choice if space is tight and you don’t have good natural light.

Remember that the colors express feelings and perceptions. You should use the colors according to the style you want to give each room in your home. Once the wall color is chosen, all the furniture and accessories should be matched.

Already in January 2020, it’s a good time to find out who they are trendy colors to paint the house This year. Please note!

Pink and gray

The combination of pale pink and light gray is great because it adapts very well to all styles of decoration and fits perfectly into every room. It reflects a Scandinavian and minimalism style. In addition, it is very relax and pleasant, it will put you at ease.

Ground green and coral

With nature more present in people’s lives, the combination of earth waves and coral greens will be marked in 2020. An excellent choice to create a very relaxed bohemian atmosphere. You can soft ground tone like beige for the walls and introducing coral greens in small touches: cushions, lamps, indoor plants …

Klein gorm

For spacious and well-lit rooms, the one called Klein Blue will be one of the trendy colors of the year 2020. A your very intense, which you have to know how to associate with furniture and decorative elements in neutral tones so as not to overload the environment.

french rose

There is nothing better than well-lit room. French rose is a warm color that adds light and power. It is very easy to combine with other colors.

Pastel blue

If you prefer a softer and more pleasant blue tone, know that pastel blue is one of the trendy colors to paint the walls of the house in 2020. It is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, where it is important to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.