Kitchen trends for 2020

Even though it was only a functional room until a few years ago, the truth is that the kitchen today plays a very important role in the decoration of the house. It is not only used for cooking, but for eating and spending time with the family. Therefore, when considering your decoration, you need to find the best balance between aesthetics and functionality. If you are thinking of changing the kitchen, or at least moving it, we will tell you which are the main ones kitchen trends for 2020. Please note!


As with any other room in the house, when decorating the kitchen, colors are very important. In the year 2020 the colors inspired by natureTo. White will continue to be a trend, even if there are others that are going strong: green, blue, beige … and even black!

Yep, while black has never been a very fashionable color in decorating, this 2020 will be all the rage. Of course, you need to apply it carefully so that the kitchen does not appear small and dark. You can dedicate a single wall to black color, and paint the rest white. The combination will be great!

No handles

In 2020, they will take the spacious and “clean” spaces, untreated kitchen cabinets will therefore be a trend. This is one of the main characteristics of modern kitchens, although the truth is that it would suit any type of style perfectly. The handles are hidden or integrated.

The reason for this trend is why more and more people are motivated integrate the kitchen into the living room. Therefore, simulate furniture without handles more than living room furniture, not a traditional kitchen.

Natural materials

Like colors, natural materials will be used in kitchen design in 2020. Sustainable and recyclable materials, like wood. In addition, in addition to the traditional and sober furniture that we all know, this year they will have drawings and engravings on the facades.

In addition to wood, there will be one of the star materials marble. Be careful, because all is not well. It will take white and white-black marble. Without a doubt, this material gives a lot of elegance and is excellent for this room: it is resistant, has a long service life and is easy to clean and maintain.

Colored sinks

As for nipples, one of the most important elements in the kitchen, they completely change their appearance. In 2020 the colorful ceramic pacifiers they will be a trend. The range of colors is very wide, for all kinds of styles, tastes and preferences: black, white … even gold! Another great option to give your room a modern and original touch in a simple way.

We must announce that the metallic color we are used to … being dead! For next year ceramic pacifiers are all the rage, allowing us to choose from endless colors from black to white. Another great option is to give your kitchen a different touch.

If you want modern and current look but you are not interested in changing all the furniture, installing a sink in this style is a great option.

Black and gold

If you want to know what are the big kitchen trends for 2020, you want to know that the combination of black and gold there will be victory. It is a very risky combination, but also elegant and sophisticated. Of course, you need the kitchen to be spacious and have good natural light.

If you don’t dare at all, you can put some details in black and reserve the gold for the lamps or for the faucet. You will love the result!

Kitchen open to living room

And finally, there will be more and more of this 2020 bet open the kitchen to the living room. Change of distribution to unite the two spaces, creating a spacious and well-lit room. If you are worried about odors, you should know that there are currently models of high performance extractor hoods on the market.

It’s a great way to Spend more time with the family. And the point is that while preparing dinner your children can watch TV. All together, in the same space.

Here is the key kitchen trends for 2020. When changing kitchens, you can build them as a base, but always consider your own tastes and preferences, as well as the characteristics of your kitchen. If it’s small and dark, for example, it’s not a good idea to put a wall in black. In this case it will be necessary to bet on the light waves to obtain light and visual amplitude.