Small city?  Find out how to decorate it

Most of us live in small houses, whether they are small apartments, apartments of a few meters, or houses of very few meters. we should always be aware of one decorating trick or another to be the most beautiful space there is.

Therefore, write down these tips so that you never miss the mark so that you can enjoy the new design of your house even if it is very small.

Deco tips that are not lacking

There are a lot of very simple things you can do to make your home look great, and here we will give you some decorating tips you add to your home.

1 – Remove the doors (if you live alone)

Anything you can do if you live alone or with your partner. Think they don’t close normally and take up space that doesn’t have counters it can be useful.

Some people exchange them for sliding doors, while others (more economical) offer models sliding glass doors and now in wrought iron. These are a great option for those of you who own a small home.

2 – Place the table next to the wall

Think about it, the table is usually a bulky piece of furniture covering a lot of space, even the visual space.

If you can change it to a much more precise model, just in case you don’t have the option to mount it on the wall leave more free space in the living room and at the same time be able to continue to use it normally (except for a smaller space).

3 – Make custom furniture

Yes, we know they are more expensive than what you could buy, but think about how they can take advantage of them anywhere, like a wall.

You can take the opportunity to make a half-bookcase around a door that you can paint in the same color. So there will be room for all the books, dishes (if you add displays), or even some things you don’t want to see if you add a custom closet.

Solve the problem of chairs you don’t know where to store with stacked models.

4 – Zero dead holes

All corners can be used with pleasure. The same as we do in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or children’s room.

If you live in minimal housing, you need to sharpen your ingenuity so that you can save in spaces that wouldn’t happen to you before then. An example is the booklet in the wall opening with some simple wooden planks.

Do you see it? Keep an eye out when others just see an absurd hole, you can arrange a nook to store your favorite books, shoes, or collections.