What are the styles of headboards

To date, there have been two most important items in the bedroom: the bed and the closet. But everything suggests that things will change in 2020. The headboard of the bed will be the main character of the play. So do you know the different types of headboards bed are they there?


A headboard does not have to be such a headboard. More and more people are choosing to take it off and color this wall differently from the rest of the room. If you want to go further, you can wallpaper inspiration: New York skyline, fall forest, heavenly beach at sunset … Paint the rest of the bedroom walls to highlight the headboard.


DIY is one of the major trends in the field of decoration. There is a wide range of tutorials for making your own headboard, with a 100% custom style and design. All you need is a wooden pallets and a little paint. If you want to give this room a very special touch, you can put a garland of lights around the palette and remove the traditional lamps from the table.


One of the big trends this year is padded headboards with upholstery. While it may seem old-fashioned, this 2020 is coming back stronger than ever. It is very elegant and sophisticated, and, in addition, adapts precisely to all styles of decoration: modern, classic, minimalist …


If your bedroom is small and you want to make the most of natural light, why not place the bed under the window and use it as a headboard? You like to get up in the morning and enjoy the the light goes through the window.


Everything to do with nature it’s very fashionable now. Thus, one of the major trends in bedding is rattan. Very economical, light and durable material.


If you want to install a modern headboard without spending a lot of money, you want to know that the wall tapestries they are more fashionable than ever. An excellent choice to define the headboard area and give the bedroom a most intimate touch. If you like the bohemian style, your bedroom will have a great tapestry.