Bathroom decor trends for 2020

The coming of the New Year is an extraordinary time to change the decoration of the house. The bathroom is one of the most important pieces in any room, so it is worth knowing a set of basic tips for bathroom decor for 2020.

Bathroom and bedroom

One of the big trends in the field of decoration today is the creation of spacious and open spaces. Over the years, more and more people are encouraged to knock down partitions and unite the kitchen and the living room. Well, now 2020 is the time to in bedroom and bathroom. The shower and sink are fully integrated into the bedroom, leaving only the toilet in a separate space.

Vinyl floor

If you want to re-ventilate your bathroom for the 2020 entry without needing major work and renovations, we recommend that you: lay vinyl flooring over existing tiles. There is a wide range of models available in the market, for all kinds of tastes and preferences. a floors that imitate wood It is one of the best because it gives a lot of heat.

Gold and white

2020 will be a year of elegance and sophistication in interior design. Aim for this color combination as it will be crucial in decorating the bathroom: gold and white. Gold is a very intense color, so it is convenient to introduce it in small doses, especially if the space is small and you don’t have natural light. You can choose the faucet or the towel bar, in gold.

As for white, it is now transported in the format marble. Marble will be one of the flagship materials throughout the year, and white glazing is ideal for adding a stylish and spacious touch to any space.


As for the mirrors, behind the mirrors was the square form of all life. Now what is needed are the mirrors with asymmetrical designs, golden frames in the baroque style … Thus they become one of the most important pieces of the bathroom, and the most striking.


Who Said No To Bathroom Rugs? With white as the main color, rugs are an essential element in bringing color and joy to the room. You can choose a rug with a colorful ethnic print or a Palm leaves.