The golden kitchens are at the center of the fair

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In the most elegant settings, dazzles the presence of the color gold and makes it exquisite. This year, colors such as copper or rose gold are left in front of the dominance of this tone in the “belly” of the house. Golden kitchens are already causing a stir, Be trendy!

The most reserved people like to be there Handles, grilles or lamps. But if you like minimalism, maybe you should include it in the stools. These details will create a very sophisticated integration, and combined with neutral tones throughout the rest of the room, will be a smash hit. You can also combine it with black if you appreciate good light. The result will be a simple but elegant kitchen.

Golden kitchens are already causing a stir

If you want to slow down, so as not to make such a drastic change, you can incorporate gilding into vases, dishes, aprons or lamps. To be a bright tone, you have to pay attention to the proportions. With that in mind, we recommend combining it with three shades, such as Green, Navy or Ultra Violet, to create the perfect balance.

Other shades to try for gold are pink, orange, coral, crimson, and brown. Black, gray, snow, turquoise, and blue also work. Of course, be modest. For a sumptuous, minimalist or high-tech finish, do not abuse complex features. Remove different textures, baroque details, patterns or excessive glitter. A neutral palette will add beauty to your kitchen.

For the most part daring

El dorado accepts counters, cupboards and islands, without distinction. You can balance it with wood or marble surfaces, materials that are also trendy. In stores you will find gold coatings and taps, which give the tone a good space, without causing an overdose. But if you want it to stand out, you can use the graphite or the marble that protects the kitchen walls with gold planks. They are beautiful.

Do you prefer more discretion? A palette of black onions will help you achieve this effect. You can opt for vases, photo frames, drawers or even small appliances. Integrated into the furniture, they will have a natural appearance. Don’t sound like a forced or too risky business. The golden chandelier in your kitchen will add a touch worthy of a magazine. Especially if the visual weight is broken down into grayscale elements.

Other ways to integrate it

If you go for a gold stripped extraction hood, complement it with wood. How? ‘Or’ What? And incorporate it into wallpaper, curtains, table and chairs. Other options like wicker or rattan will do the trick color properties. The surfaces of this metal will always give it a professional and impeccable kitchen look. But if you want to take it a step further and paint your walls with gold, we recommend doing so unless a little natural light is entering your kitchen. To bring the golden tone to the ceiling, sheets in this tone, panels and even elastic PVC textiles are useful. Don’t leave it behind, put some gold in your kitchen.