Rustic is positioned as the most attractive trend in 2020

He had a hard time coming, but the cold is back. And with it, the desire to serve our homes to decoration trends that we will be reviewing it next winter. And in these trends, the rusty style, the use of velvet and the industrial style are especially prevalent.

In fact, this has been commented on own team of illustrators Bauhaus.

The rusty style and other styles that will make the trends

These styles will drastically change your home, and that’s it it will be in the trend for 2020. Some of the ones we’re going to show you here are definitely the ones you are looking for.

Each of them makes you feel in a pleasant, simple but very harmonious environment. These styles they will be able to change the corners of your house.

1) Rusty style

The most natural style, think about nature This is one of the trends that will come first right now. Concerned with sustainability and the environment, the post is strongly applied to natural materials and handcrafted style of jute, linen, rattan, wicker and cotton.

In this way, lamps and wicker furniture, bamboo stairs or jute cushions consumers are asking them more and more worried about climate change.

2) Industrial style

For years, the industrial style has never ceased to reinvent itself and to be forever on the list of decoration trends. In the winter of next year, noble materials such as wood and metal continue to prevail almost neutral colors like grays, blacks and whites.

In this trend, metal furniture and shelves, watches with colored or stainless steel mechanisms, we must not forget the metal lamps and chairs. These elements homogeneous mix with brick effect walls.

3) Superior velor controls without a doubt

For a while the velvet the touch gives elegance in store spaces and in homes and restaurants. This winter, velvet will remain the main character.

In addition to the traditional intense dyes and blues, pink, mustard and honey tones are all the rage right now. Do you dare to bring this touch to your interior in the spirit of these trends? These shadows are really original, and thanks to them, you have the possibility of perfectly combining the spaces of your home and your workplace.