Keys with charming minimalist decoration

a minimalist style It is one of the main trends in the field of manicure today. There are people who think it is very cold. But have you heard of the charming minimalist style?

It is a style that is characterized by the exclusive and exclusive use of elements in each room. That is, it is completely opposed to other styles like baroque, ornamental and redundant. The basic principle of minimalism is “less is more”. He strives to create functional and comfortable spaces, but not the least to neglect style.

It’s approximately decorate the house, but to create an atmosphere that combines everyday practicality, avant-garde and elegance. We explain here what are the keys to a charming minimalist decoration. You don’t need to do any renovations or major work on the house. With a few small changes, you will end up with a house that is much more spacious, clear and beautiful.

Clean rooms

If you want to bet on the minimalist style, the first thing to do is to clean the rooms. A. minimalist house It has all the necessary furniture and decorative elements, but without sacrificing style. Old houses were overcrowded, although minimalism had a very close and special relationship with the future.

So now is the right time cleaning. Not only the furniture that you no longer use and from which you have removed too much, but also to organize the inside of the cabinets, to store the books on the shelf …

At the time of organize the cupboards, proceed as follows. Take out all the clothes inside and divide them into three categories. On the one hand, the one that you wear regularly and that you must therefore keep. On the other hand, clothes that you no longer like or like and are in good condition. You can donate it to NGOs. And finally, all those clothes that are in bad condition, that should go straight to the trash.


a minimalism it is associated with many decorative styles, such as Nordic and industrial. Although they are very different styles, they both have something in common: minimalism, trying to have only the right and necessary elements to create the necessary environment.

Therefore, if you want to bet on the style, you can choose one. a Nordic The main characteristics are white and soft tones, while the industrialist leaves the brick or stone in sight. Both have a lot of followers today.


There are people who believe that in the minimalist style the walls should appear bare. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mirrors are a must have in any room in the house, and you can even bet on them in the kitchen. They give a deep feeling and visually expand the space. If you want to break the established rules, you can choose a mirror with an antique frame for the living room or bedroom.

The photos are no longer hung on the walls, as was the case until now. One of the major trends in the field of decoration, and which sticks very well to the style minimalist, that is to say, place the paintings on the floor or on a piece of furniture, leaning against the wall.


If you have a particular fondness for details, don’t worry – the minimalist style is perfect for you, too. Of course, having what is absolutely forbidden is enough types of the same object. Therefore, if you like tableware, great, but don’t decorate the living room display with a lot of different style glasses and plates.


Light illuminates spaces, so you need to pay special attention to it when decorating your home. He prefers to enter natural light, and the big furniture windows and blinds install natural fabrics and light tones.

For artificial lighting, the Halogen LEDs they are a great choice for any stay. In addition, you can place bulbs in strategic places.

Functional furniture

a functional furniture they are essential in a minimalist style home. As the name suggests, they perform multiple functions, so you avoid having two or three pieces of furniture, when you can only have one. For example, a pull-out bed in the bedroom, with space below to store blankets and cushions. This way you avoid installing additional accessories or closets.

Or a lifting coffee table, with interior space for storing magazines and electronics.

Here are the key keys you need to consider minimalist decoration charm. Now is the time to get started and clean your house.