eclectic decoration

Without a doubt, the eclectic decoration It’s the new fashion in the makeup world. It’s a mix of modernity and classic, bringing together elements from different periods of history. Of course, while this is a relatively inexpensive style, not everything is.

Eclectic decoration: The Keys

The first thing we know is that eclectic decoration has several styles, but it one who should prevail over others. By that I mean you use one style as a base and the rest as a backing. For example, you can use minimalist style, just add bamboo blinds.

For example, the modern style with retro stuff. It uses a modern base, but with 80s elements like a record player. You can also use a rusty style with wooden furniture, but with modern elements like a flat screen TV or a glass table.

Another key to this style is to mix different types of textures, which good contrast the head. This way you can not only mix eras but two different styles even though they are modern. For example, imagine a glass table on a shag rug and metal chairs.

Of course, everything comes out more if it is grouped by styles and by periods, not to mix everything at once. For example, if you are using metal chairs, try to make all the chairs in the room as well, without using wooden chairs. The same happens with colors, because if two identical elements contrast a lot, it will not look very good.

Also use rare protests it is possible to create a good visual effect in the room. For example, you can add this exotic African vase or even add your surfboard as an extra feature. Don’t try to randomize things, but try to find the ones that match your personality.

Of course, you have to resist the temptation to saturate the room with things. If you put too much, it will look like a flea market or a museum. For this reason, you have to add unknown things, but Directly. Plus, neutral colored walls with white work best with this style.

Plus, even if you don’t have to decorate the whole house with eclectic decor, give it a try. there is homogeneity. Only the living room, living room or living room with this type of decoration will have too much visual effect. The main thing is to try to adapt the chosen style to the rest of the house.