Clean the oven

Use oven it is part of our daily life. We use it to cook our favorite dishes and enjoy a wonderful dinner, while being able to make unique recipes that cannot be made in the microwave.

The problem is the oven is one of the places where most of the dirt collects, Inside and outside. These spots not only affect aesthetics, but also nutrition, increasing the proliferation of bacteria. For this reason, you must learn how to clean the oven properly.

The best tips for cleaning the oven

Before cleaning it, make sure you cook smart. You can open the windows or use the extractor hood to avoid bad smells, as well as always cooking with endurance.

Of course, the most important is do not put aside cleanliness and do it as soon as possible. This is because grease stains or fingerprints are easier to remove when they are fresh.

Although you may be lazy to clean up after cooking, you shouldn’t put it asidebecause you will save a lot of friction work if done on time. The same happens with the stains on the floor and even with the dishes it becomes easier to clean if done quickly.

Today there are many ovens with self-cleaning function, facilitating cleaning. Either way, don’t forget to clean the exterior, especially if the device is stainless steel due to fingerprints. Clean this area daily with a specialized product, as it could be damaged.

When self-cleaning is not sufficient or you need to do a deep cleaning, remove the oven door if you can. It will help you reach every corner. Of course, only clean with the material recommended by the manufacturer, as this can be harmful if you use ordinary cleaning products.

Try to remove all the holes from the oven and use a soft cloth, which will prevent you from scratches. If you need to scrub, follow the grain direction on the stainless steel to avoid marks.

In case you ignored the don’t pass up advice and have some old stains, there is always a solution. Instead of tearing and damaging the aesthetics a lot, you can add a little vinegar to the water, which will help dissolve the fat.