There are certain obligations that you must fulfill when traveling with a pet. Want to know what they are?


Summer is coming and the holidays are coming and yes do you have a pet? What are you going to do with it?. More and more people are being encouraged to travel with their pets, something other Europeans have been doing for a long time. In Spain at the moment there are accommodations where pets are allowed, but there aren’t many. In fact, those who are encouraged to bet on the availability of pet-friendly rooms or an additional service that allows guests to leave their pets there during their stay are seeing increased demand among travelers.

If you have already decided to take yours pet, you need to pack your own suitcase, in which you have to include their food, favorite toy, and some of their candy. It is also advisable to bring an extra leash, a muzzle and a portable water bottle. This will all be part of what is needed for you to enjoy a family vacation and so that nothing is left at home and you will regret it later.

Common problems when traveling with pets

It’s too much essential a box or a cage of the same size as the animal so you can travel comfortably and even stretch if you want. Keep in mind that all the hours he spends there should be something comfortable for him, so that he doesn’t have a bad time during the trip. However, despite being proactive, you may have problems traveling with your pet. We list the most frequent ones so that you won’t be surprised.

  • If traveling in a very hot climate, be aware that the extreme heat can harm your pet and make him sick.
  • It can be crowded with fleas, ticks, internal parasites, so take the right precautions by asking your veterinarian and taking it dewormed internally and externally.
  • If the trip to the beach, you must remember that your pet can also suffer from sunburn.
  • If you are chronically ill, you should see your veterinarian if travel is recommended for your pet. If he tells you if you don’t forget your meds
  • If you are going abroad, you must bring your pet. It takes time like any other document, so you have to process it with a lot of time and not leave it at the last minute. You are advised to familiarize yourself with the animal regulations of this country, such as access to the premises and public transport.
  • Bring your vaccination record and an electronic chip document.
  • If you are going to take your pet on a plane, be aware that each airline has its own rules. If you want your animal to travel in the cabin, the flight duration cannot exceed four hours and your animal must be in a crate from which it cannot leave and will pay a fare. If you are traveling in the hold of the aircraft, you must get into a cabin from which you cannot depart. Of course, you must bring their documents which are the passport for the animals. To get it you have to go to the vet and vaccinate your pet against rabies within this year and of course he has the microchip
  • If you are traveling by train in Europe, most companies will allow you to travel with pets. In Spain, the traveler who keeps animals must be responsible for his pet and have the documentation to prove that the animal is vaccinated and in good health. But regulations say each traveler can only take one pet and must get into a car they can’t escape from.
  • If you are traveling by boat, you should also consult the company as each has its own regulations. You must bring its papers with you and you must think that the boat trips are long, so the animal must travel in a cabin that it will not be able to leave and in a space that is in the hold of the ship. Some companies allow you to visit your pet during the trip, and some companies allow you to walk on them for a period of time.
  • If the trip is by car, you must bring the vaccination record and documents in order. You should also wear safety systems such as seat belts, harnesses or gates, as an animal running free in the vehicle increases the risk of an accident.

Traveling with animals He has a set of obligations and you must respect them for your own good and that of your animal. Are you already doing it?

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