a masked

You have to break the mold from time to time and put different and original furniture in the house. You don’t always have to go for the classics, minimalism is good but it has its limits. If we want to offer a young and fun style for our children’s room, we must bet on innovative furniture like those designed by Ana Jiménez Palomar. I present to you his latest project: Los Enmascarados.

Sometimes we would talk about furniture that has a life of its own, and this collection is on this list. The images speak for themselves. It is part of the furniture of youth inspired by the traditional masks of Mexican culture. That being said, it’s already quite original, but when we take a look at some specific models, a big smile wakes up with us. The furniture has faces and legs, like little monsters. This effect is achieved by an extension of the design or by additional additions.: from multiple legs at the bottom of the cabinet, to built-in cabinets upside down.

It is the color that favors the youngest and most prolific touch in each of these models. The furniture is made of wood, but some are painted in bright colors such as blue, red or green. Some are painted only on their front side, others only on their upper half, always looking for a realistic effect in the final result. The collection includes a variety of storage furniture such as drawers, sideboards or wardrobes with which we can complement the decoration of any child’s room.. We will gain the extra space we need and at the same time gain some points in decoration and creativity.

Inspired by Mexican culture, this collection has its own purpose. These are not random imaginary people but common Mexican icons, especially five portraits of a They congregate from the Doblecara (representation of the battle between good and evil) and La Borracha (someone who knows how to stand, swaying from side to side) to other large representations such as El Viejito, El Jester and the Devil. Five wonders that hide a cultural meaning and leave no one indifferent. For my taste, the best and funniest: La Borracha.

Photos: coolhuntermx.com

Source: anajimenez.com