If you are new to flower or plant care, you may have the necessary advice ready. Technology helps you. Download these apps and make your garden the best of all.

Applications for plant and garden enthusiasts

Flowers and plants generally add freshness to spaces. Their showcase makes them attractive to countless people who want to learn how to grow and care for them. Beginners may find it difficult to understand and meet the needs of all species, however technology provides a solution for him.

Anyone who wants to enter the world of botany or its techniques can do so perfectly. take advantage of the data contained in the applications from the following list. With them, the experience will be much easier and more satisfying. Look for them and set off for the garden of your dreams.

Information of interest to plant lovers

Whether you are creating your own garden or cultivating valuable information about different types of plants, you can create your own virtual library with these apps. They contain useful and up-to-date data. Most of them are free and very easy to navigate. Use them and become an expert in the field.

  • Identify the plants with Pl @ ntnet: Choosing your first floor can cause a lot of anxiety. However, this app offers different options for each stay. You just need to take a picture of the species you are interested in and Pl @ ntnet will compare it with its contact details, to offer you its name and various information about it. Make sure your photos focus on specific organs or parts of the plant rather than leaves or flowers.
  • Take care of your plants like a pro: In order for your garden to be in top condition, you need to know “How to take care of plants”. This app gives you a manual which you can add to the minimum error. You will discover medicinal and ornamental plants. It has over nine categories waiting for you.
  • Without the Internet? ArbolApp is for you: it covers more than 140 species identified and explained. It contains the most native and famous species of the Spanish peninsula, as well as other species from mainland Portugal. In a very simple way, you will be able to consult the distribution maps of the different species, their images and their descriptions.
  • Come back to the palm of your hand: If you are from Madrid or come to the Spanish capital often, you will know that this park is very popular and appreciated because of its vast vegetation. With the Arboles Del Retiro app, you will learn to identify every specimen in the place, almost as if you had planted it. The software comes with a detailed botanical manual accompanied by photographic support. It’s quite a surprise.

Language and follow-up

It is now possible to extend the botanical language, with the Botanical dictionary of more than 2500 words. With it, you can deepen and broaden your knowledge in the most practical way. There are 11 categories covering plant morphology, anatomy and genetics, agronomy and arboriculture, among others.

For the forgetful, Waterbot is an essential application. Thanks to it, remember how often the plant should be watered. In addition, it monitors its growth and generates alarms with special attention and care. You can customize each ad to suit your needs.

If you’ve done multiple tests but feel like “you don’t have a hand” for the garden, technology will help you remedy the situation. Do not hesitate and download these applications, which you will pass from amateur status to that of specialist in the field.

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