Tips for decorating your home with potted plants

Have potted plants inside or outside the house he will always succeed. The plants that nature offers in beautiful functional containers will bring any decor to life. However, not everything is as simple as it seems. You have to know how to choose the pots so that the vegetation develops without problem and shows itself in all its splendor.

a potted plantsThey are at a disadvantage compared to those grown in the ground because they are not in their natural state. However, no problem should arise when the factors related to their concern are taken into account. To do this, the most important thing is to know the type of plant that will be placed in the container.

The container must correspond to a size. It should not be too big or too small, as this will affect the growth of the roots. The material to be selected is also essential and should be adjusted according to the size of the species. For example, if a large palm is placed in a thin plastic pot, when struck by a strong wind, it knocks it over. Even if it is inside the house, it can collapse if rubbed.

The best pots for your indoor plants

For large and heavy specimens, the ideals are concrete, iron or stone pots. These can serve as containers for a weak planter, unless you want to plant them directly. The large pieces are also made of perfect clay. They look great in gardens or patios. If you want to get them inside, include the floor, because if it was smooth it could be damaged.

A very small container will not allow the roots of the plant to develop properly. It is easy to notice when this happens, as they protrude from the ground or escape through the drainage holes. If the space is small, you will need to transplant to a larger pot. At least once a year, it is recommended to remove the specimen and assess the condition of its roots. If they are close together or circular in shape with little soil, it should be moved.

Drainage of the pots is also essential. The dimples should be well distributed and ensure that the plant does not form puddles. When the roots are drowned for a long time, they do not receive oxygen and they rot. To prevent the place where we place it from getting wet after watering, a collecting plate should be added to the base.

In the perfect place

One of the advantages of this type of culture is that we can protect plants when the weather is warmer. Ease of mobilization is an asset. For this reason, if the winter or the summer is very strong, it can be sheltered in spaces not too exposed to the sun or the cold. Inside the house, it will be easier.

There are species, due to their low maintenance, the best for indoor use.. For example, cacti hardly need water, they are strong, fashionable, and beautiful when well cared for. They come in a variety of sizes and when small they come alive as a desk, nook, or bedside table. All you have to do is give them plenty of natural light. We can post the design of the planter with them.

While neutral or muted colors are the best choice to hit most containers, there are some vibrant plants that don’t go against the most horrid designs and tones. On the contrary, they bring joy to the environment. It is advisable to pay attention to plants with small leaves, as they are opaque in a very bright pot.

Decoration without borders

There is no decor trend that goes wrong with the greenery offered by plants. Therefore, we should not limit ourselves to the space in which we want to place them. The planter will bring style. Sure a plant does not wither or shine. The best way to know is that it is healthy when it grows and stays green.

The living room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedrooms … Almost any space can be a great place to bring nature to life which provides ornamental beauty. Of course, when the site is not well lit and ventilated, it should be taken out daily for a few hours in an open space where it receives the climatic benefits it needs for its growth.

In addition, it was decided that plants inspire people in the office or in work areas and prefers their well-being. Relaxation, harmony and improved mood are some of the benefits. Similar effects are achieved by being aware of their care. It’s like a therapy that many specialists recommend.

Another way to draw attention to them is decorate the sinks with our own hands. There are many tutorials on how to decorate a sad planter with paint, recyclables, stones, wood, and even cork. So you can make any room brighter just by decorating carefully. If you want to take it a step further, learn how to paint the pots by hand.