If you are considering taking a puppy, the following article may help you

take care of your puppy

Take care of little puppy It can be a lot of fun but also very stressful as they are a lot of fun and ruthless and can break anyone’s patience. If you are considering adopting a small puppy, find the one that suits you best and the one that best suits your family style.

There are many breeds of dogs out there, so you can choose from a wide range to find out which one is right for you so that it will fit perfectly into your home and family. First you have to think about the space you can offer, I the attention you need, if he gets along with children, if he gets along with other animals you have …

You can consult your local vet to advise you on the best dog breed for you and your family. Consider adopting a mixed breed dog as they are great companions and tend to be less sick than purebred dogs.

If you want Dog Breed Pure is better than before to know what it costs, as some breeds are usually very expensive.

Make your home safe for the puppy

  • When the fly comes home, your home has to change like a baby does.
  • Remove any potentially dangerous items that are within reach of the puppy
  • Eliminate all electrical cables that are within reach of the puppy as they could get caught and receive an electric shock
  • Remove all potentially poisonous plants such as dieffenbachia, caladium, philodendron and in the garden remove oleanders, chrysanthemums and rhododendrons
  • Remove cleaners from areas where the cup is accessible
  • When the fly comes home, it takes a few days to get used to the routines around the house, so it’s a good idea before you catch the fly that you already have a diagram of where in the house it may be and where she can’t. .
  • Find a place for him to install his server and drink and keep it there at all times, preferably in the kitchen
  • Buy a comfortable bed for your puppy so that he learns that it is his bed and not yours
  • If you have a patio or orchard, check that there are no holes where the small cup can escape
  • Try to keep a meal schedule, if possible, the same every day
  • Always have fresh water available for the puppy
  • Buy a collar and leash for your dog
  • Let the new puppy explore your whole house
  • Make sure your dog socializes with other dogs and others
  • Take the time out of nowhere but you need your puppy to walk with him every day

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