Obviously many people dream of a large garden to enjoy the summer. But if you don’t live in a house (probably on the edge and in the car for a long time from work), you probably won’t have such a space. The floors are getting smaller and smaller, and there seems to be no room left for plant locks to be a part of your life. However, the current trend of consumers and the market itself is quite the opposite. Anywhere can be good for you develop a mini-garden, a mini vegetable garden or pots with aromatic plants perfect to enjoy in the kitchen.

If you are one of those who embrace this new fashion, I am sure you are interested in learning about the products and accessories that make your life easier. After all, how easy it seems to change any corner of your house in a green thing, space will limit you greatly. That is why today we want to tell you about the options that you can find in stores that will help you achieve this: #growincualquierespacio. Are we going with them?

Accessories that help you lock your home

Plant selection doesn’t seem to be the most difficult problem to overcome when putting on the green in confined spaces. For most of those with a small balcony, having gardening tools without leaving those few square feet seems like a challenge. Impossible, some will say! Well no. It’s because you don’t know a set that you will probably like. let’s talk about it basic balcony set offered by the Gardena brand. There are three essential tools for planting and caring for your plants. In addition, they are kept in practical information sheets that can be stored everywhere, I promise you.

With this set you get this no plant can stand against you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone for the ornaments in pots hanging from your balcony, whether you prefer the aromatics in a wall pot, or even a mini garden using the table that no one has used like this. For each of these situations, it’s your winning choice. Have you ever thought about how you will benefit from it?


Goodbye risk problems: solutions for all

It’s a great idea to put more green in the house. It seems obvious at first glance. Later, most of us find that the time for their care may not be long enough. In this sense, there are also products that make your life easier. Especially for plant nutrition. Whatever they are, water is essential for them to be healthy and beautiful. How to water them? Everything will depend on which ones you have chosen. But it is clear that the accessories that we show you below will be useful in any case:

  • Hose with support. Space is again a problem for those who want to make water what it has been all their lives. This pipe does everything with a stand. You can attach it directly to the home faucet and extend it as long as you want. With its seven and a half meters, it will be difficult to miss. In addition, it is really easy to store. Now you really have no excuse for using one in your garden!
  • 1 liter premium sprayer. How many times has it occurred to you that you want to water the plants and move everything down? It ended. If the green space in your home is small, the best way to give it is with a sprayer. And if you still want to avoid fetching water in the bathroom or kitchen, this liter sprayer is the way to go. Made with strong materials, you can store it outside without any problem.
  • Automatic watering system. What happens when you are on vacation? If you have ever had a garden, it is sure that when you returned there was more than one plant with serious water problems. This has also been a topic in the past if you trust the automatic irrigation system offered by Gardena. It is a solution designed for small spaces. No need to have a gigantic garden to take advantage of new technologies.

Gardena: solutions for every garden

Gardena It is a leading company in the market that has always tried the innovation in its products. Today, they know how important it is to invest in green spaces in the house, regardless of their size. This is why they choose a line focused on houses with small dimensions or little space to set up orchards or gardens. In any case, in your usual store, you will find other solutions if your needs change. The important thing is that your life is always green.

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