The new way to decorate homes today

Changing the decoration of the house is always a real headache, and even more so when it is a high investment in time and / or money, like changing the floor or walls.

Although this type of change is only one of the smallest changes in interior design gives us more freshness and flexibilityIt is a decision worth considering with all the alternatives available and studying the pros and cons.

For this reason, the company has made a new version of its Room Viewer tool for high-quality Quick-Step floors, a virtual reality tool. available for mobile, A tablet and a computer that will allow people, among other functions, to upload one or more photos of their home.

In addition, you can try the complete catalog of floors of the brand, with the possibility of zooming to see the smallest details and access to technical information for each model.

Why have a virtual reality for the decoration of the house?

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), like other advancements, are quickly ending in the world of design, change your chances.

Virtual reality and associated technologies are introduced to the field on industrial design, architecture and interior design more or less than in other areas, changing the way we create the spaces in which we work, live or play.

The use of virtual reality is really usable, and ranges from applications for expert architects to the construction of a new building, to a surprised individual will a yellow sofa fit in your room and / or how it will be.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications are very useful because they help us build a new house, change the one we have or just live in it. But since they are relatively new, many people are not yet familiar with these technologies and how simple they are:

What is virtual reality (VR) really?

It is a realistic yet man-made three-dimensional symbol, an environment created by a combination of hardware and / or gadgets such as glasses and VR gloves and interactive software.

It is presented to the person in such a way that they can remove their doubts, accepting this image as a real place. through which you can interact in a physical way or apparently true.

Virtual reality (also known as VR) requires a full immersion experience.

1 – Qualities of Virtual Reality (VR)

There are several categories within VR technology, and they are more likely to change as this technology evolves. There are so many different types so far fundamentally unbalanced in their level of immersion and also in applications and use cases.

In general, the main classes would be VR; Completely submerged, a fully submerged simulation it is the most immersive execution viable in virtual reality technologies. Use headband systems and motion detection devices to stimulate all the senses.

Fully immersive simulations deliver highly realistic human experiences with higher renewal rates, large fields of view, high resolutions and contrast levels in images.

2 – Semi-immersion

To this extent, the person is partially immersed in a virtual environment. Semi-immersion simulations close flight simulations.

They are powered by powerful and ubiquitous graphics computer systems get together with screen projectors wide or different projection systems to easily activate the view of images for the user.

3 – Non-immersion

In fiction without immersion, we only find part of the user’s senses, a you do a peripheral view of reality (apart from virtual reality simulation).

Human access to these three-dimensional virtual environments via a desktop window, use high resolution monitors a standard typically powered by normal desktop processing power.

Virtual reality in architecture and interior design

For the architect, virtual reality is one of his best friends to convey to the person the idea developed for the project. The models, while useful, are of a certain expensive quality and it takes a long time to do.

Other than these, it is not a reality simulation like realistic infographic or VR animation and it cannot be easily changed when we make changes and

However, virtual reality is life size, much simpler and cheaper. CAD design able to make life almost instantaneous in the virtual world and a simulation of sufficient quality is practically identical to reality.