If your kid is a millennial, here's how to decorate his room

Millennials, the word has been circulating for years on all social networks and advertising media, but … Who is really part of this generation?

The answer is not clear, but while there is no consensus on start and end dates, it is expected of those born in the early decades of the decade. since the 1980s even those born in the late 90s or common millennials in the early 2000s.

Come on, now they can be between 20 and 40 years old. What does it mean? Many will live with their parents, some will go to study outside their hometown, and many others will be independent for a long time.

Decorate a thousand-year-old bedroom

For those whose bedroom is still intact in their parents’ house, it may be late for a complete overhaul of the decor, adapt it to your current tastes and needs, which will certainly include large doses of technology. Here you will find incredible ideas to achieve this.

1 – Bedroom with different spaces

One of the unique characteristics of the known millennial generation is their ability to move between environments. They don’t follow the strict rules, and it also adds decoration. Therefore, it is very advantageous to design a room in which they can carry out different tasks.

A large bed to rest and sleep, a reading corner near the window where they can read what motivates them or listen to music, a desk with a comfortable chair for studying, watching movies or playing video games… That way your bedroom will be an amazing place you won’t want to leave.

2 – Have a corner for storage

Books, lots of clothes, magazines, vinyls, and accessories … The everyday room of millennials can be a real chaos when disorder reigns. What can be done? Treat yourself to entertaining storage solutions, so that their affairs are organized and become something entertaining.

You can start with open walk-in closets or brightly colored shelves, so that you have the freedom to put on your clothes, shoes and other things as if they were real works of art. In addition, if the color of the furniture becomes tedious, you can always organize an evening to paint them.

3 – Art will flow by itself

The thoughts of millennials are always very creative, every day, and they should never repeat it because they are unable to express themselves at ease. What are the options?

Choose furniture that you can buy easily, like perforated trim which is really perfect for adding photos and accessories using tweezers, or bet on wall brackets in your office space.

4 – Technological widgets, implement them

You don’t have to buy the most impressive sound system on the market, or invest in a screen projector to you can watch the movies on your bedroom wall.

But it’ll be fine if your office has USB chargers, a bluetooth keyboard, and a mouse, guys items like headphones or wireless speaker, dimmers for lamps, white noise machine to sleep in case of insomnia …

In general, there are a lot of things they will help make your daily life and your work easier and more bearable.

5 – Objects that have a dual function

When we talk about the volatility of the movements of millennials, we also refer to your passion for using multifunctional items.

So a simple side table can be an incredible support for your books or cans with brushes, or it can even be a silly path with a cushion to put the feet.

The truth is that a lot of things that can be improvised and they would look extremely good.

6 – The main color must be white

Another thing that you should consider is to apply white color as the main color, the star color. The important fact is that the walls are not smoothWe even got used to the tedious gotele, and after years and years of living with rough walls, a lot of people liked it.

Obviously our highest recommendation is that the walls be white. And by that we don’t mean a light shade or pastels, no matter how bright. So if the ground isn’t white, at least there must be some other option to paint it.

7 – bet on pop culture

The millennial generation got bigger with the ’90s series, one of the most incredible big-screen productions on science fiction, and even music groupsAs children, they listened to cassettes and, almost inevitably, marked their cultural tastes for life.