Find out how a touch of Feng Shui can be added to your home

For some time now, there has been a term which has gained much more force and which Many people prefer it nowThis is Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophical method that speaks of the conscious occupation of the house.

Each piece of furniture or decorative element must be correctly positioned to highlight it the flow of energy through the city and you and your family can have a better quality of life.

Getting this energetic and harmonic impact is very easy if you follow some tips from this new trend organize all the spaces in your home. Be extra careful, as directions vary depending on the location of the home, whether it’s the bathroom, living room, or social spaces.

A new trend in our house

The first thing we need to do is establish this new trend at home is to seek order and cleanliness.

You have to get rid of what you don’t want, emptying and cleaning is the place to start so that the energy circulates perfectly. In addition, we must remove the garbage and unsanitary furniture, because it is the 3rd essential principle of this new trend.

1 – welcome this new trend to your home

The hall should give us a nice feeling of place and therefore choose a bright color, such as yellow or white. It is very relevant that the entrance is bright, if it is not natural, reinforce with ceiling lights and / or tables.

Add things that give you good energy like flowers, candles or photos, as well as something that symbolizes water (a characteristic that attracts good luck). AND do not place mirrors in front of the door, because the energy rebounds and escapes.

2 – Have a room full of (positive) energy

The living room of our country is one of the most energetic places: here you enter, leave, relax, activate, relax … To make this environment the basis of positive contacts, Keep in mind the things we mention below:

It requires good ventilation and natural light (ventilation at least once every 2 days), as well as the planting of natural plants. The east of the house is a good place (to the left of the entrance to the house) from the Health and family or Wealth and prosperity areas.

The cooking zone does not need to be behind the door, but if it is yours, add a mirror or reflective steel panel act as a rearview mirror and prevent a sense of alertness.

The water zone must be separated from the fire zone (the distribution in a working triangle is the best so that the water element is present do not extinguish the fire element) and islands are ideal for promoting freedom of movement.

3 – Materials for this new trend

As for the materials you choose, wood fuels the fire. This must be “balanced” with the metal and the clay or earth will provide the element of Earth. Add aromatic plants so you can increase fresh energy and driven by this new trend.

And if you’re passionate about white kitchens, think twice due to the level of Feng Shui they are not highly recommended because they introduce too many colds and colds.

If your kitchen is all white, you can add accessories in red, orange, yellow, and green. And remember: the more orderly you are, the fairer and more creative your life will be.

4 – A revitalizing and calming bath at the same time

Thanks to Feng Shui, you can promote fitness in the bathroom, which is marked by energy leaks, due to the large amount of drains and moving water. Start the day with joy and end with a relaxing bath To achieve balance, try applying the following commands:

You should avoid having the bathroom door in the middle of the house, because if it was there it can be moved in any disease, economic losses or normal wear and tear.

5 – Bedroom for a peaceful sleep

Make the flow of Chi energy vital in the right way, guiding it with the unlimited distribution of the elements. Your sleep will be extremely restful with this new bedroom trend. There are a lot of things you can do to have a relaxing bedroom.

The wall behind the headboard should be farther from the door. Consider that the remoteness of the program creates insecurity, because it represents backup and security. This new trend has occurred in many homes in Spain and around the world, causing a complete change in the corners of every home.

With these tips you will know how to make your home a harmonious and peaceful place.