Tips for decorating a study room

In the twentieth century, largely thanks to the rise of new technologies, teleworking is a modality that more and more people are choosing. If you are one of them, you like to have yours at home study room. When thinking about your decor, it’s important to create a calm and tranquil space that invites your concentration. If you really want to be productive at your job, pay attention to all the tips we present for decorating a study room.


Likewise, when decorating any other space in the house, the first thing to do is to think about colors. To create a relaxed atmosphere, in which it will be easy for you to concentrate, avoid intense or sparkling colors, even if they are very fashionable these days. Bet on the tones soft and neutral, like white or beige. You can also animate neutral tones like pink quartz or pale blue for example.


For the furniture you need for the study room, do not overcrowd this room. It is sufficient for the basic furniture: office, office chair, library and filing cabinet. The ideal is to choose a few pieces of furniture, but which are large and have several spaces where you can store all your belongings.


Lighting is very important in the decoration field, and even more in a room where you will have to devote yourself to telecommuting. You have to do everything because between the maximum natural light possible through the window, so install a white linen or cotton blind.

According to artificial light, installation of a ceiling light which generally illuminates the room. In addition, you will need a desk lamp for the table. If you have your own reading nook in the study room, a floor lamp is most suitable for this space.


Organization is crucial in this space. You need to pay close attention to command not only to reduce distractions, but also so that you can better focus on your work. So have a place for everything: a drawer for documents, a shelf, a trash can … stationery storeLike pens or staplers, baskets and boxes are useful. Remember to label each one so you know what’s inside.


Of course, the distribution of all the furniture is a factor that you need to take into account. If you want to make the most of natural light, you can place the office table just below the window. In reference to shelves, it must be placed on one of the walls.

Reading corner

If the study room is spacious and space allows, you can create your own Reading corner. All you need is a comfortable chair and a shelf. It will be convenient to disconnect during the working day.

Decorative elements

While the study room only plays a functional role, aesthetics should not be overlooked. So if you choose the interior furniture and walls Light colours, you can color it through decorative elements. For example, plants are a great choice because they convey freshness and help you connect with nature.

In reference to carpetIn addition to thermally and acoustically insulating the room, it adds color to the space. You can choose a rug with a nice pattern to put under the desk.

Bring yours personal touch This room can help you create a much more pleasant environment, in which you really feel comfortable. But you shouldn’t make the mistake of overcrowding the study room as it can be counterproductive.

With these practical tips in mind, it will be easy for you decorate the study room therefore being able to be 100% productive during your work day.

At the time of decorate a room with work, one of the main features that you need to consider is functionality. It’s good that the room looks good, but if it’s not comfortable and functional to work with, then it won’t do you any good. Therefore, you should avoid anything that might bother you.

As the name suggests, a study room, so you should only use this room for work or reading in your reading nook. Nothing turns it into a children’s playroom at night or a movie theater to watch a movie with your friends on the weekends.