So you can give more light to your room

Let’s start with the simple: not only will a refined, orderly and clean decoration give us a relaxed space in which we feel more comfortable, but it will make or maybe look, brighter. Why? Well, thanks to a clean place, the light flows smoothly and reaches every corner.

The truth is, the difference is very significant. If you have a room full of things and furniture, a more refined decoration and, as well as everything else in order and clear It will instantly make your room brighter as you allow light to reach every nook and cranny.

Incredibly light textiles absorb more light than dark textiles. Fortunately, the bedroom is a place you need textiles yes or no. By taking advantage of this uniqueness to equip the bed with light textiles and other warm tones, the bedroom will be more beautiful and warm.

Have a brighter room with the mirror and much more

The mirrors are really perfect, with them you will never lose the mark if you want to have a brighter room. A mirror reflects the light it immediately receives and doubles it.

It’s a way to make a room brighter on the spot. You don’t need expensive or complicated installations, do not make a large economic consumption, more light for the moment.

1 – You can lighten the floors

If we have dark floors, we can brighten them up by adding light rugs to our room. It can be a difficult task, but the change will be incredible.

The truth is, light colors have the ability to reflect more light. Do you think the floor does not look good? It is a structural feature of great aesthetic and efficient value, and it’s up to us to seize it in our favor.

If you want to make this change and want to change the ceramic floor, highlights and light they have to enlarge the room and bright. And if you add wood, light tones are best for making the room warmer and, therefore, brighter.

2 – Use a white tint to paint and decorate the bedroom

We are not saying that the bedroom will be enlarged, but that it will become brighter, and here, white the irrefutable solution because it displays up to 80% of the light it captures.

So that we do not fall into the trap of establishing an aseptic, cold and lifeless environment with white and in the hospital, we can use another shade of white warmer than the light berries, like the exterior color white.