Small house living room decoration

More and more small houses are choosing formula to enter the kitchen and the dining room in the same place. This is done to take advantage of the space and to be able to have more room without so much partition. The downside is that it is difficult to harmoniously combine the two spaces because they are so different.

If you have one this type of restaurant cuisine, of course you want to decorate it as if it is a normal living room and make it a beautiful place. Although it is different, it can be very easy to decorate and achieve the consistency you are looking for.

So you can decorate a kitchen dining room in your small house

In this case it will be Always look for a dining room that is beautiful, but also practical and comfortablebecause there is not much space. To this end, there are a few decorative ideas that you can inspire.

For example, you can stables and tables in transparent material. Besides being beautiful and modern in appearance, it gives a more spacious feel by visually acquiring space. To be transparent, the light passes through the furniture and the kitchen-dining room appears larger. You can also add mirrors and use colors like white to get a feeling of space.

Another tip to increase the space and sublimate the decoration is to choose round tables and chairs. The curves help to give a more spacious feel, while being more modern. You can also use curves in auxiliary elements such as the lamp.

Of course, don’t forget that you also have to take advantage of the space. Can do it know how and where to store things. A good way to do this is to take advantage of the structure of the dining area in the kitchen. For example, you can paste the table on a column to save space in the layout.

What else, avoid reloading spaces, since this charges the expansive feeling. This is done by using small and light furniture, without purchasing oversized and bulky furniture. A small dining table is better than a large dining table.

Also, it is better to chooseclean space free from too many ornaments, which will give the space a more spacious feel. This is achieved with a minimalist manicure style.

You can also save on other furniture and do without, than the TV cabinet. Instead, it’s best to buy a stand and have the TV inverted against the wall in the room.