The best tips for cleaning the oven

Clean the oven This is one of the most tedious tasks in the home environment, which is why we always put an end to it. However, in this way, we only realize that the grease is accumulating in the gear, which makes it more difficult to clean. Fortunately, there are a few tips for cleaning your oven that work very well and are effective.

The best home remedies for cleaning the oven

Below we have collected the best home remedies to clean the oven. They are 100% natural ingredients, so avoid the use of chemical components.


Lemon is an ingredient that we all have at home, and with it we can prepare a very effective home remedy to remove all the fat that accumulates in the oven. Lemon juice has a wonderful degreasing power. Yes too antibacterial and antiseptic properties, so it helps to get rid of all the microorganisms that are in the oven.

To prepare it, just squeeze the juice of 2 or 3 lemons. It is then poured into a saucepan or glass bowl and placed in the oven. It should be activated for 30 minutes at 250 ° C. After the time has elapsed, the pan is removed and the walls of the oven are cleaned with slightly damp cloth. Fat comes out easily, as if by magic.

The vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most widely used household cleaning products. It is very effective for remove dirt, while killing bacteria and germs. Although it is generally used for cleaning bathrooms, the fact is that it is very useful to say goodbye to the grease that has accumulated in the oven.

Applying it is as easy as putting vinegar in a sprayer and coating the walls of the oven. Then heat for 15 minutes at 120 ° C. When the time is up, open the oven, allow it to cool and remove from the oven. soft dirt with a damp cloth.

Sodium bicarbonate

If the fat has accumulated in the oven for a long time, it is better to mix the vinegar with Sodium bicarbonate. Both products create a white foam which greatly facilitates the removal of oven stains.


Besides flavored foods, salt is a widely used ingredient in household cleaning. It is one of the most researched home remedies for elimination oven dirt Natural way.

To prepare it, the first thing to do is to mix 200 grams of salt with 1/2 liter of water in a container. The mixture is then applied to the walls of the oven, paying particular attention to the areas where greater amount of fat accumulated. The mixture should be left to act for 20 minutes. Then it is rinsed with a damp cloth.

If you notice an unpleasant odor after cleaning, follow these steps. Mix 1/2 liter of vinegar with 200 grams of salt. It is important to mix the two ingredients until the salt is completely diluted. It is then placed in a spray mbotella and the walls of the oven are sprayed with it. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove traces of dirt wet sponge.

The importance of having a clean oven

In many homes, cleaning the oven is the most forgotten thing in the kitchen. The rest of the household appliances, like the microwave or the refrigerator, are usually cleaned, among many others. However, the oven is still one of the dirtiest appliances.

However, a clean oven it is essential for food and health. Remember that the dirt accumulated in this appliance can proliferate bacteria, fungi and especially fats which can be part of the following dishes that are cooked there.

It should be borne in mind that the use of a dirty oven this can be a major health hazard. In addition, cleaning this appliance is crucial so that bad odors do not occur in the kitchen.

Continuous use and lack of cleanliness they can have a direct effect on the accumulation of unpleasant odors, both in the oven and in the dishes prepared there.

Thorough cleaning is not necessary each time you use the oven. Anyway, the necessary leftover food that fell or splashed. Of course, even if the inside is very greasy or oily.

To keep the oven in top condition at all times, one of them is the best home remedies explained in the previous section. How often it is advisable to clean this device depends on how we use it.