Make the best churros with this recipe

Today we are going to teach you how to make delicious curries for your little one to taste, we are sure they will enjoy it! AND Best of all, it won’t take a long time Isn’t that great for you?

Churros are undoubtedly one of the most exquisite dishes and one of many favorite snacks. But when you think about it, the first thing is the sweet churros, which can be paired with a team or chocolate.

But did you know that there are different types of curros? There are churros with chocolate, cheese, toppings etc. Here we will give you 2 recipes which you will be 100% satisfied with.

To make this rich preparation you will need: 850 ml of water, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 500 g of flour. And optional: dulce de leche to fill / sugar to sprinkle.

Preparation of the churros

For starters, we recommend that it is best to have a glass container handy. After that you have to dissolve the salt in the water and add the flour little by little previously sifted. Do not forget it !

Knead the dough for about ten minutes, after which add all the dough on your sleeve for the churros very carefully. Then you have to heat the oil, add the curries very delicately.

All you have to do is cook them until golden brown and voila, delicious! If you like it you can sprinkle the churros with sugar Or you can add pre-melted chocolate. Delicious!

Another way to make homemade churros

Before you start cooking, you should know what ingredients you need to prepare this churros recipe. You don’t need a special machine like the curry machine. You can make homemade churros in your own kitchen

The ingredients to make these homemade curries are: 300 ml of water, 200 g of flour, 1 teaspoon of salt, frying oil, Pastry bag, Sugar (optional)

How to make homemade churros step by step: the first thing is to put the water on the fire in a large saucepan, add the salt. When it starts to boil, add the flour little by little. After that, you need to stir the mixture until the flour absorbs the water.
Then remove from the heat and fill the pastry bag with the mixture. you even need some pressure to give it a churro shape, Fry them in very hot oil, place them on absorbent paper, sprinkle with sugar before serving.