adapt your kitchen to children

a food it is a place where the family spends a lot of time. We use it to cook, to eat and it is often another meeting place. The problem is, it’s a place full of knives, forks, and sharp objects that can be dangerous for children.

For this reason, the kitchen must be done be a safe space them and avoid accidents. Not only will this help you protect them, but it will also allow you to safely initiate them into household affairs.

How to transform your kitchen into safety

In a kitchen where children come in is the most important that we can follow them, especially if they are small. Parental supervision can make a difference, but not easily because we don’t have eyes everywhere. Of course, this can be more easily monitored using a kitchen or an open kitchen, as we can be aware of what they are doing there from almost anywhere. This way, we won’t have to be in the kitchen all the time and the children will be able to move around the house more freely.

Likewise, the kitchen it must be minimal with few obstacles, which will prevent children from falling if they run. Also look at the floor, adding a mat of vinyl-like material to prevent the floor from slipping. In addition, dangerous objects should be kept out of your reach and out of sight, placed in tall cabinets and safe objects nearby.

This way, they can safely start collaborating on small tasks, which this will help them in their autonomy. For example, you can teach them how to place the tablecloth, as well as napkins and spoons, while taking care of dangerous items like knives.

Another thing that’s quite dangerous to do with devices like oven and microwave. The oven door may be too hot and the child may touch it and burn themselves. Therefore, you should get an oven with a cold door, which is safe for children to touch.

a tooth It should be at a height that the little ones cannot reach. For older people, it is better to add safety features such as roller guards, as well as ceramic glass with safety lock. If there are children around, avoid gas stoves, especially if they like to touch the knobs.