With these simple and practical tips, you can save water and have beautiful plants.

So you can save water while watering your plants

In mid-May, the first plants start to bloom in our terraces and gardens. When the plants start to bloom, the exteriors of homes and parks look beautiful, but their preservation requires care and diligence. And it is very important to irrigate the plants so that the flowers and plants are not damaged.

In summer the plants inside the house and in the garden require a lot of water from us, the heat dehydrates them and they suffer. But the heat creates water shortages and permanent fractures and restrictions. And the first thing we cut to save on plant irrigation.

Close at hand yes many tips to make water efficient and don’t waste water. Options to prevent evaporation and keep water moist longer.

Save money by watering your plants

Well don’t do it anymore With these simple tips, you can continue to have beautiful plants. Even outdoors you have 40 ° C heat and constant water cuts.

  • Plants. Selecting and placing them is a big saving. It is advisable to select native species, which adapt to the climate of your region and are resistant to possible drought. It is also convenient to group the species according to the water they need so that you can water each area independently. Plants that require more watering should be planted close to the lawn, as it should be watered with some diligence.
  • Padded. Adding pine bark, straw, mulch, leaves, aggregate or gravel will help prevent water from evaporating. To prevent evaporation, you can use furnishing plants that will brighten up the garden as well as cover the ground. The claws of a cat, lion or Lamprantuhus are very resistant and are suitable as floor coverings.
  • Irrigation. Drip irrigation is the most recommended thing to save water. It is a simple system where it uses a plastic tube with holes every 40 centimeters through which the water comes out as it falls. In addition, with drip irrigation you avoid evaporative losses and do not require a lot of water pressure.
  • It’s time to water. The best time to water the garden is at night. This way, less water is lost through evaporation, since the hottest hours have already passed. And the drops are prevented from having a magnifying effect and enhancing the effects of the sun’s rays on airplanes.

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