Shopping you should do to decorate your home

Not only does this save money, or thank you for designing to decorate the house without spending money we show personalize our creativity and decoration our house.

That is, instead of decorating at low cost, or decorating the house without spending money, if done right, he will not want other decorations. There are many ideas for decorating the home and furnishing with little or no money with incredible results, as we will see below.

There are many ideas for decorating different parts of a home, from the bathroom to the kitchen to the bedroom and living room, with little or no spending money. We are here to see these ideas so that your home is completely original and thus you save a lot of money too.

Ideas to decorate your home

The best part is that you add plants to your decor. They are very inexpensive, beautiful and healthy, purify and decorate the air like any other element. With the concrete blocks, we can make an original bedside table, for little money.

For the exterior of the house, there are also ideas that use a sign that identifies your house number, with a table and some screws forming the house number. Free signage.

Use old cubes as shelves. For the kitchen, the hall, for where we need it, we can have big shelves and convenient to keep the house organized.

Glass jars or jars can also be used decorate the house for little money And in addition, they are very practical, since they give us free storage space.

Old stairs work to decorate the house: as shelves they work very well. horizontally, establish incredible storage space and also very original. Do you have an old ladder?

1 – Cork stoppers for placing rugs and other decorative items

Make a mirror frame with plastic spoons. If you have a simple, frameless mirror, with a few plastic spoons you can make a very original frame, which will establish a beautiful decorative accent on any wall so you can put the mirror later.

An old window can serve as a beautiful frame that adorns a wall with character and personality, and for free. Photos are an excellent decorative source. If you have any in an album that catches dust, you can use them to decorate a wall highligths.

2 – Decorate with books

It doesn’t mean that you have to buy books, but that we can rearrange them and find them support to serve as a decorative complement. Look at your books. Can they help you decorate the house?

3 – With chalkboard paint

It is a cheap and very versatile idea to decorate your home. You can buy a can of chalkboard paint, and then, decorate this or these walls as we wish, we change the decor when we want.

You can also customize or change the handles of any door or cupboard the furniture will give it a new look more favorable, more modern and like your new style to decorate your home.

4 – change the curtains

When you change the curtains, we are sure that the decoration of the house will change, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. We can get very cheap fabrics that will completely change the space with a new look. These are great ideas for decorating your home.

You can add an inexpensive awning to the bedroom to give it a charming romantic bohemian air. Do you have exposed shelves in the garage? You can cover them with fabric, hiding elements that do not decorate the room for little money and with a very good result, here is just an example.

5 – Iron bars as cup holders

An incredible way to take advantage of the space in your kitchen without spending money. old drawers and boxes clean the bathroom. Not only that, if you have old drawers, don’t throw them away; These are ideas for furnishing and decorating your home without spending money.

Any old ladder can be used to decorate the house. Do you have one at home? Do not throw it away, it can be used as a side table, bedside table, to put a bookcase on the wall, decorate a little corner, and for many other utilities and thus be able to decorate the house without spending money.

6 – Decorate your walls with paper butterflies

You will need scissors, cardboard and a little patience, but after the result is very nice, with tree branches, they are affordable and cool. You can make coat racks or many other things with it to decorate your home for free.

7 – Create a wall mural with toilet paper rolls

Stationery shops can decorate the walls in an original and colorful way. They are simple to make and very inexpensive. You can decorate a corner very gracefully, mainly in children’s rooms.