Meet the new trend in home decoration

The closest thing we can get is to decorate a mythological creature on the patio. Many people original decoration research, and this is definitely one of them.

Many people during the quarantine period tidied up their garages, adding old photos of your parents when they were young Or things like that. What the others were doing was cooking, baking bread with very unusual recipes.

There is another group of people who could start quarantine in a house with a garden, they speculated. take care of it as your essential mission in life. Previously, you might not have the time or energy to prune all the evening shrubs and correct tree growth.

But now that we know the importance of gardens, that’s the best thing 1 or 2 hours of our lives are devoted to him in fact, by coming and going to our office work, we can occupy this time in the gardens. The garden is one of the home decorations that you should know about.

Even if you don’t have a rich garden full of large, attractive plants, a collection of houseplants and cacti which are easy to maintain they can be used as decorations for the house. We will give you the solution, here you will know beautiful decorations for your home that you will not miss.

Very simple home decorations

Succulents, a very special type of cactus that brings together the best of both worlds (aesthetics and beauty, with a minimum of extreme care), come in a variety of sizes and varieties, including those that they seem to be taken from dreams.

Today we will add more to your home decorating wishlist, it is an amazing plant, it’s the beautiful mermaid tail

It will not be difficult for you to guess why they are said so. His path, full of long and small leaves that is visible between the thorns or hairs, they give you the impression that we are in front of the tail of an amazing, amazing animal.

But this one, for one reason or another, decided to put his life aside for the interior decoration. There are many types, but what sets them apart is this pop-up design, glued to the ear-shaped leaves. If you want to think about adding them to your garden. His real name is Senecio Vitalis.

There is a wide variety of them, so you may have to search a bit if you find what you are looking for. the one who is really “asyrene” so call him.

A mermaid tail is one of the best decorations for the home

The beautiful mermaid tail, popularly known as the mermaid cactus, impressed many as one of the best decorations, it even caught the attention of social media for pTo be part of the decoration of your home during quarantine, due to its tropical form.

But best of all, this plant has decided to stay in many homes and this it is because of her incredible beauty, so if you want to make a unique change to your interior, do not hesitate to have a beautiful mermaid tail.

As you can see, this plant can make an alternative to home decorations, because it may vary in colors, like light green or bluish green, rather than curves whose leaves correspond to the tail of a whale or mermaid character.

Mermaid tail details

Another peculiarity of this plant is that it does not grow like many others, but it does. it gets bigger over timeIt can even reach 1.5 meters sideways and 60 cm high.

The beautiful mermaid tail, also known as the Crested Senecio Vitalis, comes from the South African Cape. In addition, we know that it can grow in winter and it does not need to be placed directly in the sun.

Thus, like cacti, it needs little water, as it prefers well-drained soil or sand, so it is very easy to maintain; it is therefore one of the simple alternatives for your interior design. We are sure you will enjoy this option.

It is a plant that does not require a lot of care so the time you invest in it is almost zero, your house has many corners where you can plant it, it does not cover all the space and he certainly does wherever he wants his beauty.

It is a beautiful plant that has already caught a lot, now you can buy it and thus give another grain of sand for the decoration of your home. No doubt the mermaid tail will make your students fall in love.