brighter room

a bedroom it is one of the most important areas of our city. We spend most of our time there and if it gets too dark during the day it can have catastrophic consequences. Poor lighting has been linked to depression and bad moods.

of course good luck to you increase brightness for our room without major renovations. We will see how we can do it easily and thus achieve a better state of mind and a better quality of life.

Tips for having light in the bedroom

The first thing to do is choose a good color for the wall. White thinking is not as good as it sounds because it can be easily reproduced. It’s better to cold and intense colorlike blue, green or purple. In addition to bringing light, they will give the place a more relaxed appearance.

As for the windows, we are not going to make any changes and add additional windows. Instead of, we will make the most of those we already have. To do this, use strong curtains that let in the most light, as well as light-colored coverings for your existing windows.

If your room doesn’t have enough windows, you will need to add artificial light so that it is better lit. It is better to have several light sources than one, this will avoid shadows. It is an ideal size for three light sources including ceiling bulb, bedside lamp and wall lamp.

A little trick known to light up a room use a mirror. They are generally used to give space to the space, but they are also very useful for giving more light. The reason is that it reflects any light, which makes it more evenly distributed in the room. To get the most out of it, place it in front of the window that provides the most natural light.

Finally also furniture and bedding come in. Use light-colored bedding to keep in as much light as possible and avoid darkness. Likewise, the furniture should contrast with the color of the walls to make it more beautiful. As we painted them in intense and light colors, we will use warm colors that are not very intense, like white or yellow.