Decorations for gardens in 2018

This year the interior and exterior of the house are mixed again, to give a feeling of space and create an interesting harmonious decorative sequence. Depending on your style or the one you plan to include, you should choose the most suitable materials, tones and elements. If you are interested update the garden, you can notice these ideas based on these 2018 trends that save, as we said, the continuity to achieve balance and space. Choose the one you prefer.

10 ideas for decorating the garden in 2018

Utility, comfort and functionality are three elements that distinguish a garden It’s 2018. While horizontal gardens are known to be more popular, anyone looking to innovate in design can do so by using grids or using raised walls or surfaces. For tones and furniture, here are some suggestions:

  1. Cactus and vivid flowers. There are big, trendy cacti. They contrast with dark furniture and light-colored textiles (pillows or mats). The set can be completed with stones, lighting tiles and vivid flowers arranged in old-fashioned wooden pots.
  2. Tons of straw and romantic touches. Rattan, wicker and wood harmonize with the clay, orange or chestnut burials. They go well with a bonsai or an olive tree, and cushions with floral or plant motifs. Metallic colored floor lamps give privacy to the air by placing candles inside. Anyone who wants something romantic can add a white bush.
  3. Solemn, yet elegant colors. When designing the dream garden, gray, black, white and brown tones can not be excluded. These are the people who bring sophistication to spaces. The key is not to overload the pieces, but to include simple cut details, to make it look more natural and solemn.
  4. The balcony as an ally. Even if you think it’s narrow, your balcony or patio has a lot to offer. Plush doormats, stylish lamps and umbrellas are some of the essentials of this space.
  5. Improve the rooms. Pathways are usually dead zones, but can be attached to the garden, making gravel the main character. Flanked by showy plants, it will look great. Bamboo is a safe and attractive option. You will enjoy every step of the way. You can also replace the lawn with a concrete surface.
  6. Lighting with some. Bright street lights invite you to share on balconies, terraces or patios. You can also try battery-powered lights. You can place them wherever you want, without limits. It is convenient to bet on coins that have a solar charging system and can even be used to connect phones.
  7. Furniture to relax. Do you want more comfort? It incorporates cushions with attractive patterns. Rockers will help you relax and get out of the routine. They are perfect for any outdoor space, including the swimming pool.
  8. Capture data. The waters of water remain very chic for birds or aviators. These wonderful classics add personality to any garden. If space is an issue, use a compact feeder that you can place in your window.
  9. Options for the indoor garden. If you have a spacious home, this trend will interest you. You can play with dirt, plants, grass and even rocks. The upstairs area is ideal for an indoor garden. Synthetic grass will give you a more original finish.
  10. Low cost alternatives. Ecological, captivating and economical. This is what your garden will look like if you use pallets, wooden drawers, suitcases, fruit baskets and other recyclable items for preparation. An old ladder and a few cans may be all you need.

Other suggestions for a beautiful garden

Outdoor spaces yearn for summer. It is worth preparing for this season and thinking about the include a pizza oven or barbecue. Gardens with these tools are very useful for those who do not have a large kitchen and enjoy meeting friends and family. Whoever has the possibility of adding a pergola will get one of the most representative features of this season.

The call imperfection beauty, which the Japanese call wabi-sabi, jumps into the gardens. Moss and perennial stones, as well as worn flower pots and roasted iron grates, fit this concept very well. To give it strength, specialists recommend using plant decorations that change their appearance over time, trees that lose their bark, shrubs that lose their leaves and flowers that reveal their pods in the fall.

Those with small gardens should please furniture to maximize storage capacity. There are many other options available in the market. For example, kiosks typically used to store tools come with your greenhouse. This year, more than any other, it is recommended to use them for planting herbs and vegetables.

Finally, we must consider the conditioning of the garden with parquet floors simulating wood. It has several designs and a wide resistance to stains and scratches. Large scale natural stone is also a very stylish choice because it gives a more natural look. It is best paired with stimulating sensory details such as a fountain or flowers with calming scents and tones that promote relaxation. Calm and serene gardens are the best bet of this 2018.