Discover the advantages of houses with open kitchens

The open kitchen or called American kitchen is one that is not made up of four walls, but is connected to the rest of the space which is usually the part.

It is important to mention that the size of houses is getting smaller and smaller, and open kitchens are a trend because it allows us to have large spaces and allows us to move more easily.

There are advantages and disadvantages to these kitchens, which we must take into account. see in person whether it suits us and whether or not it suits our needs.

Open kitchens

These kitchens are suitable for houses and apartments which have a small space, in which a separate kitchen would be minimized and you would not have much space to move around and cook comfortably.

For this reason this type of cuisine is created, here we will state the pros and cons The same.


a style and aesthetics Undoubtedly, they are one of the main advantages of open kitchens because it makes them more attractive and in line with the tastes of people in the 21st century.

Even if less divisions have the structure of the house (and in this case the kitchen in particular), sunlight penetrates your house better. In general, rooms in houses always have more lighting, so if he is attached to the kitchen, he takes advantage of it.

In open kitchens kitchen islands can be integrated, American bars or breakfast bars, which would not be possible in a closed kitchen because they are spacious elements that require more space.

The inconvenients

Open kitchens have drawbacks as well, in the same way that natural light circulates, as do smells throughout the house. We all know there are extractor hoods, but it’s inevitable the smell meals permeate the space.

They can also cause noise issues, as we mentioned before, open kitchens are connected to the living room, and if someone in your family enjoys TV for example, but you need something to liquefy in. your kitchen, noise pollution at home.

We all know that the area of ​​the house is where the greatest mess is generated in the kitchen, because many different tools and ingredients are used at the same time, it is true that by picking them up we solve it, but see tours this disorder is easier to observe.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer as to whether this type of art is right for you or not. Be yourself according to your tastes and preferences it will have to be determined.