We already know how nice it is to have a few plants at home, but how expensive it is to maintain them. Not because their care is complicated, but because they need time that we do not often have in our daily life, and as we spend our hours, there are always priorities before gardening. But in these cases, again, the technology comes in with the aim of making our lives a little bit easier. Here’s how the latest one comes from tech company Parrot Now.

His last big surprise was the presentation of Flower Power, which the company promised to ensure that our plants can “talk” or express their needs, to help us in their daily care at all times. This was made possible by state-of-the-art sensors that detected both light, humidity, temperature and fertilizer levels. These data are automatically transferred to a database on our Smartphone, via an application developed for this purpose, with more than 60,000 recorded species.

If the Flower Power had already proclaimed the power of originality of the firm, its fans were already waiting for the next creation. This is how they presented the Parrot Pot, a smart pot for our plants. It is no longer enough to always know which plants you need, but a little help is needed to be able to implement such care. This pot is a type of gardening robot developed by them that is able to measure the parameters that hinder the growth of the plant and is able to independently manage irrigation. Like its predecessor, Parrot Pot has sensors to measure temperature, light, humidity and fertilizer level, and thus quickly find the critical parameters, helping us by providing us with this information and facilitating the plant’s water routine. You can put a total of 2.2 liters of water in the tank attached to the pot, which is enough to give the system a month of independence and completely forget about irrigation. Isn’t that cute?

I encourage you to watch the promotional video to discover in detail all these qualities that I spoke about and to convince yourself that this Pot Parrot is, without a doubt, the pot of the future.