Corner to read at home

The first thing you need to do is choose a quiet place, if possible among the sounds and avoid being near the front door of your house. If possible, arrange your reading nook under a window so that natural light comes in and you don’t have to strain your eyes.

It is essential to have a good lamp, as well as a table to place the books, but if so you can put shelves or auxiliary shelves create a small library, much better because the books will be part of the decoration.

Read “Viking” in your home

This type of decoration is the one that creates the biggest trends in the house. White and raw tones are black prevails and can be adapted in space read in your house.

Natural space in your home

Wicker, bamboo, raffia, natural wood. You can use any of these elements create a reading space in your home made from natural fibers.

Near the window

You can make a custom bench with a simple wooden frame and a mattress on top with lots of cushions and put it under a beautiful window of your home.

The best thing is the same structure it will be a support to place the cups, add books and even a few vases with fresh flowers.

If you have more space and money, you can make a very special corner hand in hand with greater structure, almost like a bed, on which many pillows can be placed to make this space extremely comfortable.

Corner in your room

With a few rugs and cushions, you can get a very visible corner next to the bed, to occupy outside of official rest hours and to go with a good story on pages of paper From the comfort of your own home.

Stylish in your reading nook

If the house is more retro with a masculine touch, choose a leather texture for a couch or a chair, in an elegant dark wave like chocolate brown or black. It will be something that you will not miss the mark with.

Corner for the smallest town

If we want to encourage reading among children, a tipi tent is perfect in appearance. small tent or a cave where they can be and read their wonderful stories and tales. You should have a few shelves at their height so that it is easy for them to choose the different titles.