We all remember those old houses wallpaper, which decorated the homes of our parents and grandparents. For decades this paper ceased to be in fashion and we all retired to return to painting. Of course, this style of decorating seems to be back on track.

A good example is the work the company does “WallPepper”, who recreated the concept of wallpaper. On this occasion, they will promise themes with magnificent designs, which will give a great result in homes.

This is the wallpaper in 2020

In the past we have seen simple shapes on paper, but that has changed. Today, companies like “WallPepper” collaborate with artists and photographers around the world to give it quality.

The result is amazing images with a wide range of themes. They have a bet on multicolored sequences, inspiration in nature and also geometric figures. Without a doubt, it has nothing to do with the trash paper in our grandparents’ house.

Likewise, they suggested fixing other issues that wallpaper has encountered in the past. For example, this paper it’s easy to put on, which allows you to create invisible sections, making it easy to create amazing designs.

In addition, they use different technologies and versions. It’s the first “Eco-TNT Lisse WallPepper”, a role that does not harm health. Eco-friendly fibers, derived from agave leaves, are used.

Another variable is “WallPepper Sweden”, which uses PET and polycotton fibers. This not only makes it safe for health, but more durable. For this reason, we not only offer this style of decoration in homes, but also in places like offices, schools and even hospitals. Any place can be decorated without wearing.

This was a common problem with old wallpapers humidityWell, if we put it in the bathroom or the kitchen, it would end. Fortunately, “WallPepper h2O” it is a technology that allows the paper to resist water and friction. They did it with high-density eco-friendly glass, which even stands up to the outdoors.

In addition, they are too “Pepper Acoustic Wall” noise reduction technology, with technology that absorbs noise and helps with insulation. Finally, they also have the system “Fort Mur Poivre”, which helps resist scratches and abrasion, suitable for places like dining rooms.