Make natural light in your home another decoration

It is better to have spaces with natural light, in order to save a bit of money by paying for electric service, rather than to do so. make the site more spacious.

You can let the light through by having glass doors

The sliding doors, glass and painted white at the ends are a total success to let in more light. The secret: the glass lets in the sunlight and the white color multiplies it. And it has more benefits because they help to take advantage of the space.

You will find the hot spot with wooden furniture, this will give it a more natural touch. You can add some contrast to the black decorations, like table legs or lamps.

How much does it cost? The installation of a sliding door costs between 600 and 900 euros. The price it can vary depending on whether it is on rails or embedded in the partition.

You will choose lighter curtains

To filter the light, use white blinds and curtains. Linen is a soft and very light fabric and otherwise does not block the light. You can also combine blind functionality with curtain transparency.

Choosing the right colors

it is better to choose colors that radiate light. Give a candy effect by painting the wall and the ceiling in the same tone. You are going to have a very beautiful light around. Foolproof combination? Sand white more, or it can also be off white and almond tone. Attaches to walls, tablecloths or curtains.

For more brightness, always choose white. Other neutral tones such as beige or known shades which makes the rooms more spacious.

Steel and white kitchens

These will never go out of style. A white kitchen is still current. And that’s because the white of the cabinet triples the light and makes it bigger. So all you have to do is decide you see you have a lot of options for this.

Natural light fights depression, increases your creativity, brings joy and visual well-being. There is no doubt that this makes one environment more spatial quality and value than another. be exactly the same, but without much lighting.

Therefore, it is necessary to start by addressing the possible solutions, making a visual review of your house and trying to reveal the points that block the path of light, like the ones we have shown you, then beautify your home with these tips.