Shoe boxes

Many times we collect hundreds shoe boxes in the closet, which we throw away later because we consider them unused. Apparently a piece of cardboard is not being used, but we were really wrong.

In fact, they can do it real surprises with shoe boxes, because not only can they help you save space, but they can even be decorative.

How to recycle old shoe boxes

First of all, we can use the shoe boxesit’s like a real organizer for our house. They can be used to store your pencils in your office or to store and organize makeup products in the bathroom. It will help you get a lot of order and space.

In addition, these boxes are perfect for archive documents. Just cut off one of the corners and you can have your own filing cabinet right next to you.

Of course, the default decoration of this type of box is usually quite ugly, since you don’t want a sports brand logo in the house. Fortunately, you can decorate the box as we wish, for a personal touch.

It can be covered with paper, it can be painted or it can be decorate with vinyl and stickers. Nice people can line these boxes with rope and turn an old box into a basket, for example, which can be your pet’s bed.

Likewise, the boxes themselves can be simple decorative elements if desired. For example, some people paint them or cover them with paper. You can even decorate the covers and hang them on the wall as if they were paintings, as long as you choose a good design.

Others have come to authenticity works of art, like a miniature foosball table using clothespins, sticks and cutting out targets. It can also be painted with chalkboard paint, which will help you write anything you need as if it were a chalkboard.

Ultimately, these boxes will not only serve you decorate your home and save space, but by giving gifts in a creative way. For example, if you are bringing items, you can put everything in a shoebox and serve as a container for the set.

This way you deliver an individual package and you won’t have to fold everything separately. Of course, you have to decorate the box, which you can easily do as we have already seen.