decorate bedroom lighting

The web is full of advice on how decorate a room, focus on items like furniture or even ask for overhaul. Of course, they forget one of the most important for decoration, and one of the simplest and cheapest to change.

Let’s talk about these lights, which can completely change the decoration of a space. We will see how we can change the lighting in a room and use it to our advantage.

Here’s how to decorate by changing the lighting in a room

The first thing we know is there are two types of light, be natural and artificial light. First, we will focus on optimizing the first type of light.

Decorators often take advantage natural light change curtains and mirrors in a room. The color of the curtains and the placement of the mirrors are crucial in creating the feeling we want.

For example, a yellow silhouette helps create a warmer and more welcoming light in the toilet. Instead, a white shade contributes to a brighter light, a increase lighting and is perfect for work environments. In addition, you can go a step further and change the curtains according to the seasons of the year.

About Mirrors, the more mirrors there are, the brighter the space will be. It can also give a feeling of space in small rooms.

now we are going to talk about it artificial lights. The most important is the general light, that is, the bulb that illuminates the whole room. In this case, we can directly select the color of the light to create one sensation or another.

As with natural light, orange tones give a feeling of warmth, while light tones give a feeling of space and it is better to work with them. In any case, it should be located in the center, to evenly illuminate the room and eliminate shadows.

In addition, there are other types of artificial lights, for example projector. This type of light is fixed at a point and is generally used to illuminate the most visited area of ​​the room. It is generally brighter and more intense than general light.

well yes decorative lights which gives the stay a personal touch. They are usually small in size, low in light and act decoratively in combination with other objects. Here we can use colored lights, candles and other small things.