decorate with plants

It is one of the best ways to decorate a house use plants. This is called the “garden furniture”, a fashionable decoration to allow us to enjoy nature without leaving our home.

What decoration it is maximize the number of plants at home in most rooms of the house. This allows us to create a perfect contrast with the urban environment in which we usually move. Of course, in no case can you decorate a house with plants, and you need to know how to do it.

Make a house with plants easy to decorate

The first thing to do is to adapt the best plant species. They are generally used typical houseplants, like Monstera Deliciosa, Eucharist Lily, Filondendro, Asparagus Fern or Castiron Plant, among others.

Depending on the room you want to decorate, you will have to use another system. For example, in places with little space, small plants on shelves or counters work well. On the other hand, in places where you want to have plants in the middle of the fair, bet on large plants that attract attention.

Another good idea is what it’s called vertical gardens, which makes it possible to modify the walls of the house. This has a number of advantages, such as reduced noise pollution and improved thermal efficiency.

For the bedroom, the type of lighting is key. If the room is not very bright, it is a good idea to use plants like Aloasia or Calatea. On the other hand, if you have sufficient lighting, plants like Pilea or Crásula will last much longer.

Plants work very well in the living room and are a great place to create ‘garden furniture’. It’s a good idea to use it jars and white jars, mainly because of the incredible contrast of colors it creates.

In the kitchen you can also put plants, because they will bring much more life to the room. In this case, if you do not have a lot of space, it is better to use small plants. Plus, you can even find a small urban garden to maintain your favorite spaces.

In any event, plants need care. Depending on the brightness of your apartment, choose species that require more or less lighting and favor natural light in all cases. Likewise, water the plants on contact, open the window to freshen the air and above all, eliminate weeds.

Ultimately, beware of domestic pests, because insects can eat their favorite species. For this, you can use natural repellents based on lavender or nettle.