This is how experts decorate their homes

We offer you to decorate your home so that you can always enjoy the space you want.

A project takes time, but for this one, there will be no need to leave home, 2 very important aspects in our daily life in these times. We leave you a list of ideas to promote the work and bring out your creativity.

To decorate your home you must define the purpose

The first step in implementing your project is to first set a viable and realistic goal. You can make a priority list and initiate the spaces whose decoration you want to start changing.

You can do it by zone, maybe by the ones you use the most, where you spend the most time.

One space at a time will be the secret so as not to be too preoccupied with homework. Focus on your need and once the space you need to change has been defined, it will all be a question get down to work to decorate your home.

1 – You can try on furniture and colors

In applications like Houzz, you have the possibility to distribute the space, to put the furniture of your choice, try different shadows on the walls and get a very realistic representation of your space.

Another digital tool that will help you with the choice of colors is Coolors, with which you can paint the walls and also change the colors of your furniture.

Bruguer paint brand virtual assistant lets you capture your space in a photo and try it out almost paint with your different color palette so that you can see the most achievable colors to decorate your home.

2 – You can start measuring

Take and write down everything, windows, sockets, doors … and even furniture if you want to redistribute them. Same you can request a quote online if you want to move partitions or do small jobs to decorate your interior.

3 – inspire yourself

If you like decoration, your social networks are surely full of inspiring accounts, there is one great variety on the net for all tastes.

Inspirational programs will help you see all of your ideas more clearly. You can organize them by colors, by styles, with furniture that catches your eye, with organization ideas that you like and with all the images that convey something to you and can serve you in the future.